The Best Cooperative Helping Communities

The Best Cooperative Helping Communities
The co-operative has a long history of bringing people together around common economic, cultural and social goals. It is based on the idea that there is more buying power and ability to get quality services and products with a large group than through individual lobbying. The co-ops that are most familiar are those that help people see have more equitable purchasing power for items like food and housing. Other co-ops include retail shops, credit unions, and groups of people who provide the same services in their industries.

Being a part of a co-op has several advantages. The people who pay fees to be members will always be in control and operate by democratic process. The co-op not only offers product discounts, but it also serves the purpose of educating its members, giving them training and information. Co-op members also get the unique opportunity to bond around issues in their own communities. Although a co-op operates like a voting organization with a officers, a board of directors and a sub-committee, it also hires employees and management to handle the day-to-day operations.

Innovia CMC takes the same concepts of co-ops and applies it to helping housing communities. Each co-op member in this case gets to still be an independent business. Innovia allows members to pool their buying power to get deeper discounts for their individual operations and for the members of their housing communities.

This means an increase in profits. It also makes the individual communities more marketable to new residents and more competitive in their regional marketplaces. Some of the discounts Innovia has been able to offer management company members include significant savings for services like payroll and accounting, office supplies, phone service, and maintenance equipment.

This savings even extends to the families who live in the management companies’ communities. An exclusive homeowner website allows residents to get discounts at national retailers like Best Buy and Target, as well as free shipping and coupons for hundreds of retailers. This is a perk that makes a living community for attractive to potential newcomers and benefits those who have been living in the community for some time.

The reason most cooperatives work is because they focus on collaboration. The people who become members are passionate about interacting with one another and supporting like-minded people. They know they are strengthened when every single member participates in the activities of the co-operative. This is empowerment at work.

Fresh thinking, integrity, and delivering unparalleled service are at the heart of everything do. Bring together likeminded to leverage the power of scale. Services are centered on empowering you to grow your business through purchasing power, marketing, and the ability to offer your clients more. Getting better prices and services than large national companies without giving up any of our independence. Innovia CMC members are moving forward with confidence and optimism. Comprised of the most talented and progressive, Cooperative aims to help seize opportunities and improve profitability. Focused on securing futures, increasing competitiveness, and offering clients an unforgettable experience.