The Best Food For Survival


What would you take with you to a desert island? What is the food that could help you survive for a long period? Yes, you could be tempted to carry along your favorite bacon sandwiches with you or a very large bar of chocolate. However, if your survival depends on your emergency rations, maybe you would be better off sticking with the following:

Beans are among the most nutritious products you will ever come across around you. Different varieties of beans – Red (kidney), Soy, Pinto and Black (turtle) are in the list of super foods developed by many leading nutritionists around the world. If you were to live on an island alone, beans could help you a lot with its own dose of iron and calcium. Beans are also among the most versatile foods you could ever come across in your lifetime. Once they are dried properly, they can be stored for a long time. Therefore, it could be an ideal food a human to carry along to a lonely island and survive without any hassle.

Water is essential in survival situations. The body can lose 1.5L in an hour during extreme heat and would need to be replenished quickly before dehydration sets in.  Some expert’s state that a person could only survive for three to five days without water before death arrives. Experts say that the storing water long term in plastic containers can make the water toxic. The answer is to store the emergency water in glass bottles. Of course, rainwater is plentiful in certain regions and this can be gathered in containers. This makes water a survival food necessity.

Fish is an excellent source of protein and Omega 3 oils. Each is very important in our diet. Being on a desert island, it would be quite a useful food, providing you have mastered the art of fishing. Fish is plentiful and will give you a great dose of vitamin B12.

Rice is a staple diet around the globe and it would be an easy survival option, wouldn’t it? No, if you intend to survive on that island then rice is not the survival food option for you. It has carbohydrates and very little else.

One of the best ways to survive is to make sure that you have some survival food in your backpack. This usually comes in the form of freeze dried packets of food that contain a whole meal. After adding water, the freeze dried food springs back to life and you will have a delicious meal in front of you! The advantage is that the food will last up to five years which gives you plenty of time to build a decent raft.
Written by Elizabeth James who writes for