The Best Gifts For Baby’s 1st Birthday

If you have a special baby in your life, all you want to do is find the perfect gift for that important first birthday. It’s true that the child will not remember that party, but the parents will definitely tell her about the special gifts she received. If you are able to fine the right gifts for baby’s 1st birthday, she can enjoy them at the age of 1 and far beyond.

Here are the best gifts for baby’s 1st birthday.

Walker Toy or Wagon

By the age of 1, some children are already walking. My daughter took off by 9 1/2 months. If the child is not yet walking, he or she likely will be soon. A walker toy or wagon of some sort is a great gift for this age. If the baby is walking, she is likely not very steady on her feet. If she is not yet walking, she probably wants to try. A toy she can push around can help her get from place to place and get the idea of walking, without being completely on her own. Many of these walker toys double as play centers. They have lights, toys, and music on one side and the walker on the other. If you buy a walker wagon, the child will likely enjoy pushing the toy, and sitting in it for a ride.

Bath toys

Some children resist their baths for awhile, but by the age of 1, they generally have a good time in the tub. Water is a fun toy all on its own, but children will enjoy their bath even more if they have some rubber animals, boats, and other floating items to play with while they are in the tub. My daughter can spend an hour in the bath just splashing around, playing with her ducks, and painting with the removable paint we have set up on the side of the tub. Bath toys make bath time a fun part of the day.

Sound and lift the flap books

Babies are never too early to enjoy reading. They especially like books that make sounds, or have flaps they can lift at this age. My daughter loves any book that will make a noise, or has something new she can discover. If there is one thing a baby can never have too much of, it’s books.

Personalized baby bedding

At the age of one, the baby is not yet old enough to recognize her name in print, but personalized baby bedding still makes wonderful gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. This gift is one the parents will never forget and the baby may very well use the bedding for many years.
There are plenty of items on the market that you could choose as gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. Before you start your search, set a budget and get an idea of what items will fit into the amount you are willing to spend. Once you have that price in mind, you can narrow your list down to a few items. Remember, the more personal the item, the more likely it is to be remembered. Kids will receive a lot of gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. If you want your gift to stand out and be one she will always remember and cherish, make it something extra special. Even if the gift seems normal, embellish it by adding her name to the blanket, writing inside the book with your own comments, or choosing a special color or style to suit her.
Martha Marks is a busy mom of two who offers ideas and tips to other parents in terms of gift shopping online. With a little one at home, she knows what gifts are really useful and has some great suggestions on her site