The Best Learning Management System

Since John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California offered the first online degree program in 1986, the eLearning industry has made some incredible strides—especially over the past few years. Today, it’s entirely possible for innovative academic institutions, businesses, and even private instructors to use a learning management system (LMS) effectively for higher education, corporate training, or any other instruction.

Though finding an LMS that fits into your budget and includes the essential options you require can be difficult, the newly launched Romy LMS has key features that make it among the best LMS systems for your organization.

An LMS Usable for Instructors and Learners of All Skill Levels

Many of today’s leading learning management systems are incredibly complex, even for those who consider themselves to be tech-savvy. Some may resemble crowded Excel spreadsheets, with countless buttons that are complicated and hard to understand.

Fortunately, Romy LMS offers familiar, user-friendly interfaces that promote easy set up, management, and access to course materials, while guaranteeing powerful performance standards. Try a demo or trial version of Romy LMS to better understand how a fully-functional LMS is critical to achieving a world-class business training platform.

LMS That Gives Your Organization Room to Expand

According to a 2014 Forbes article, 80 percent of regionally accredited institutions of higher education incorporated eLearning into their curriculums. With eLearning rapidly rising in popularity, it is reasonable to assume that those statistics will continue to grow. Though a basic course management system may an adequate means to support a small group, a scalable training platform with the capacity to grow along with your company or academic institution is crucial to adapting to growth. In fact, the best LMS systems have no limit for how many users it can support.

An LMS With the Latest Features

If you are investing in LMS software that doesn’t offer common features such as the ability to upload any media format to make your training program more robust, you’re wasting the potential of a top quality eLearning system. Romy LMS allows any media type on their platform, as well as a limitless user capacity, social media integration, and even gamification features such as quizzing and accreditation options.

Romy LMS: Responsive Across All Devices

According to Google’s official blog, searches on mobile devices have become more common than searches on computers, including in tech markets in the United States and Japan. Understanding that people frequently utilize their smartphones and tablets, your training platform should be accessible on all mobile devices. Progressive companies like Romy LMS are taking a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach to eLearning, with fantastic results.

Make an Informed Decision

While everyone has their own unique teaching method or learning technique, it is undeniable that a user-friendly, scalable, and responsive learning management system is what every company needs to succeed.

Familiarize yourself with Romy LMS through a free demo and invest in an LMS that elevates your organization and makes both teaching and learning enjoyable and effective for everyone involved.