The Best Markets In France

French cities and towns will offer you with plenty of options when it comes shopping in its markets. Whether you are looking for delicious food i or general commodities, spices or house hold goods, the markets in France will provide you all you need and more. There are some markets where you can buy antique products at throwaway prices.

Here are some of the popular markets you will find in France:

1. Marche d’Aligre, Paris

This is an amazing market that you should check out while you are staying in Paris, the capital city of France. You can shop at this popular marketplace on all days except Mondays. Being one of the biggest markets of the city you are likely to find most of the things you are shopping for easily. The market is also a good place to shop for different types of herbs, these are the speciality of the market and the aroma is amazing as you browse around the stalls.

2. Marche Mouffetard, Paris

This popular market in Paris is open only during Sunday mornings. It is full of wonderfully typically French bars and cafes. You can find lots of activities happening in and around this place as lots of Parisians like to hang out there every Sunday.  There are a number of restaurants and small bistros and most of these eateries have an old world charm to them. In addition to the eateries, there are plenty of shops around the place from where you can shop for different products. Don’t be surprised if you find few vendors joining together to break into song as this seems to happen quite a lot!

3. Cours Saleya, Nice

Nice is a beautiful location in France with this fantastic market which  is usually full of flea market vendors who regularly sell different types of goods. Despite being a high-quality market, you can bartar  hard to get your bargain . This If you like shopping for different types of items like vintage clothing, silver, rustic wooden items, paintings, jewelry, toys, etc, then this is the place to come.

4. Richard Lenoir, Paris

This is one of the largest markets you can find in the whole of Paris. Best time to visit this place is during Sundays when the market is at its liveliest.  Do not be surprised to see a number of street performers plying their trade whilst you are shopping around. The market is excellent to shop for different types of cheese, meats, international foods, textiles, shoes, lingerie, etc.

5. Braderie Market, Lille

Not many people may know this but the Braderie Market in Lille is home to the largest market in France. What is so special with this market is that it is open only for one week during the year. The market houses thousands of stall that sells just about everything that you can find under the sun. During market days, the entire area is full of activity. The streets of this marketplace are narrow and full of atmosphere, which makes for a unique shopping experience.

Travelling to France on shopping excursions is a great thing to do. For more information, click here.

Written by Elizabeth James who blogs for