The Best Online Learning Resources For Children

Digital resources, which help children learn better and provide them with the knowledge needed as well as the stimulation to keep their minds active, are abound in the Internet world. The advantage that these resources offer you lies in the fact that they can be adapted to each child’s unique abilities and their own speed of learning. The resources have been developed to follow the process of learning; they offer information and teach the child the skills to absorb the information, and then the ability to use these skills and information in their daily lives. They encourage the child to learn by presenting the information in an attractive and easy-to-absorb manner. Most of these e-learning resources are free, but some of them are available only through a fee or are given out on a premium.

Image courtesy of  julipan, Flickr.
BBC Learning
One of the most informative and well-presented resources is the BBC Learning home. They cater to children of all ages, with varied sections demarcated for the varied ages. Their most popular subjects are Art and Learning, Mathematics, English and Information Technology. They even have a section to help parents guide their children, while studying at home and in school. There are also learning resources for schools and adult learners.
Brain Pop
This is an animated educational site for kids, with bright and colourful icons to fascinate every child. They even have a Brain Pop Jr. that caters to very young children. They specialise in mathematics, social studies, science, health, art and technology. Though they do not come for free (Brain Pop charge for their resources), the excellent quality of the presentations and the range of knowledge they provide to children of all grades definitely makes it worth the price paid.
National Geographic Kids
National Geographic have always been renowned for the superb quality of their photographs and their commitment towards top quality research and information. Their website is another high quality presentation from them and they have divided it up into sections such as animals and pets, games and countries. They have even devoted one section for little kids. There are few e- learning resources available in the Internet space that can match the depth and superb quality of National Geographic’s presentations.
Read Write Think
The mission of “Read Write Think” is to provide parents and students with the best free online educational resources available in the industry, so that they have access to the best practices in reading and language instructions. They are a one-stop destination for learning and teaching materials, which have been reviewed and passed by several literary and education experts. The range of parents and afterschool resources cover classes from kindergarten to Grade 12, and each section includes activities and projects, games and tools and podcasts and a few other sub-sections. An easy-to-understand website, it has been designed to work in conjunction with classroom courses and resources.
Fun Brain
One of the world’s most popular sites for educational games for kids of all ages is the Fun Brain website. The games online make subjects such as maths, science, grammar and spelling seem so much more interesting and easier to understand. They cater mainly to children over the ages of 6, and their games are innovative and very relevant to the present day scenario.
Online learning resources cannot be structured to suit each individual child. However, there is such a large range of resources available, which makes it fairly easy to find something that each child responds to and enjoys. Their greatest attribute is the fact that they can be followed at a pace that suits the child, without having to keep up with the rest of his classmates. There are resources available for each subject; hence, the child can concentrate only on the sectors where he needs some special assistance. Most of them can be followed by parents easily, and they can be used in conjunction with other school courses as well.
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