The Best Outdoor Games For The Beach

With June gloom behind us and the rest of the summer to enjoy the sun, the beach is calling! That`s why we saved up all of our sick days in the Winter right? To use them when the weather is too nice to sit inside staring at a computer screen all day.

When you pack up your car there are a few must- haves for you well deserved sick day at the beach; sunscreen, snacks, towels, sunglasses and some outdoor games.

Bocce Ball and Ladder Golf are perfect for the beach!

The sand makes a great playing surface for Bocce Ball as it requires a little more strategy from the players; especially if you can find some slopes on the beach! The game can be played between two players or teams of two, three or four.

Another thing that makes Bocce Ball such a great beach game is that there isn`t much equipment and it requires virtually no set-up. There are eight bocce balls and a pallino, also known as a jack. Someone tosses the jack and the teams battle to get their balls closest to it.

The fun doesn`t have to stop after sunset! You can get a lighted Bocce Ball Set made out of translucent plastic which allows the bocce balls and the pallino to glow with water resistant LED lights!

It seems simple but like any sport, strategy and skill play a huge role!

Ladder Golf is another great outdoor game for the beach!  Unlike Bocce Ball which has been around since the Roman Empire,  Ladder Golf  is relatively new to the world of outdoor sports as it came about in the early 90`s.

In the few decades that Ladder Golf has been around it has gained much popularity, even making appearances on NBC`s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Martha Stewart Show.

Although it seems simple, the game can be harder than it looks…. Just ask Jimmy Fallon! But what makes it great for the beach is that it is portable; there are only two pieces of equipment; bolas and the ladder.

A bola is two golf balls connected by a piece of rope and the goal of the game is to toss your bolas so that they tether around the rungs of the ladder. The ladder has three rungs; a top, middle and a bottom. The top is worth 3 points; the center is worth 2 while the bottom is worth one point. Whichever team gets to 21 points exactly is the winner.  

It`s time to play hooky! After all, you deserve it! A day of sun and surfing in the water rather than on the web is needed once in a while. That`s what sick days are there for right? So make the best out of your “staycation” with some R & R and little friendly competition with your beach-friendly outdoor games! 

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