The Best Pizzerias In Italy

Pizza and pasta, Italy is known for its unique and influential cuisine. Virtually any country has Italian restaurant and while we are in Italy. Once known as a simple meal, pizza became popular when a local pizza maker made one for the Queen Margherita di Savoia and it was the time when the Pizza Margherita created. Pizza is both simple and versatile, allowing people to come up with literally thousands of variations. It is a good idea to look for the greatest pizzerias in Italy and it could be a wonderful journey. We will find out that pizza is much more than those thick-crusted variants found in Pizza Hut and other commercial pizza chains. For Neapolitan pizza purists, they should go to L’Aquilla to find one true pizzeria. Vesuvio and La Bella Napoli are two wonderful pizzeria int the town. Vesuvio is a more spacious and bigger pizzeria; while La Bella could offer us more intimate environment.

When we are in Rome, we could go to the Pizza Ciro and it is the best place to have some quick bites with friends. The best restaurant of the pizza chain is believed to be the one near the Sala Umberto theatre. Pizza Ciro offers classic Neapolitan pizza and it is recommended to get the extra buffalo mozzarella for a small surcharge. Their best pasta is the egg pasta with pachino, clams and zucchini. Another great place to find pizza in Rome is in Lo Zozzone and it is actually a combination of pizzeria and sandwich shop.

When we are in Pescara, we could go to Trieste and the pizzeria has been making small round pizzas for decades. Each small pizza is cooked in small saucers. It is a bit crunchy and generously drizzled with local olive oil. Once we have tasted these small pizzas for the first time, we could be daydreaming about it months later.

When we are in Milan, we should go to the historic Rinascente department store and look for the nearby Luini bakery. It is also close to the Milan cathedral and La Scala. It is famous for panzerotti or fried pocket pizza, which is both affordable and delectable. Alternatively, their foccaccia is also excellent. It should be noted that there’s no place to sit down in Luini.

It is true that L’Aquilla is probably the best place to find pizza in Italy. Il Canguro in L’Aquilla offers pizza rustic and we will pay by the slice. Each slice has chewy toppings and crispy, thin crust that can appeal to many people. When choosing pizza in Il Canguro, we should choose the one with mushroom, mozzarella, local sausages, champignon mushroom, smoked scamorza cheese, pachino and black truffle paste. In L’Aquilla, we could also find Pane e Lavoro and it offers small pizzas that are as big as coffee can lid. It is best eaten at night with its mildly hot topping, especially during the winter.