The Best Places To Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is the time of gifts, participation, enjoyment, excitement, fun and frolic anywhere in the world. Different cities have their different way of celebrating the festival. A lot of people like to explore different styles of Christmas and New Year celebration through travelling in festival holidays that starts few days before Christmas.

The best thing about traveling is to experience things that you would never get to see or do at home. If you’re going around the world, the chances are that you’ll be away from home for Christmas.

Below are a few place to celebrate Chrismas

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Christmas in Sydney is all about the beach and thousands flock to Bondi. Popular with Brits, you’re bound to feel right at home. Many try to foster a festive spirit with Santa outfits, reindeer antlers, and tinsel but that’s missing the point. Christmas Bondi-style feels like an anti-Christmas experience and it’s all the better for that – swimming in the sea versus snoozing in front of the TV? No contest.

United States

The American Christmas is famous for the tradition of leaving the tray of cookies and a cup full of milk for Santa Claus. It is said that Santa used to prepare the list of good and naughty children. And on Christmas Eve he used to come to their homes and leave gifts for good children and nothing but coal for the naughty one in their stockings.

Christmas Island

It was named after being discovered on Christmas day in 1643, this Island seems a logical location to spend the festive season. Don’t let the name fool you, though, Christmas on Christmas Island does not feel like, well, Christmas. It’s a tropical island in a beautifully remote location, some 360 km south of Java, Indonesia. You might be fortunate to see the amazing sight of thousands of red crabs migrating from forests to the coast to lay their eggs.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you like to make the most of the Yuletide festivities, then we’d recommend incorporating a Christmas-time stop on your round the world trip in Puerto Rico where the celebrations last for three months! Starting on Thanksgiving in early October, the festive season stretches right through to the Epiphany on January 6th. A fiercely Catholic country, Christmas celebrations are taken seriously here; some of the highlights are midnight mass and the animated nativity scene at the San Jose Church in San Juan. This is a great place to spend a Christmas that is undeniably traditional, yet a complete contrast to the usual turkey and trimmings at home.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

You won’t find reindeer here, but there’s every chance you’ll see sperm whales, pilot whales, dolphins and fur seals. The December season is a good time of year for spotting sea life and this wonderfully unspoiled coastline is a beautiful area to explore at any time of year. Instead of eggnog, you can celebrate yuletide with crisp white wine from Marlborough or an ice-cold Steinlager. To find the most beautuful places in New Zealand, use students FAQ platform.

Mexico City, Mexico

The ‘Magia de Navidad’ or magic of Christmas festival takes place for over a month from early December to early January. The festival boasts the tallest Christmas tree in the world, two ice rinks, Christmas markets and all sorts of traditional religious celebrations. Traditional it may be, but with cool sunny days and tequila-fuelled nights, this is Christmas with a difference!

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