The Best UK TV Shows With Competitions

The Best UK TV Shows With Competitions

With Carribean cruises, cars and big (tax free) cash prizes to be won television competitions can be very lucrative to enter. A lot of UK television programs have competitions that viewers can enter, competitions make their shows more interactive and fun for the viewers, they can also generate money since one entry medium is often via premium rate phonelines.

Some Discovery channel shows have competitions that are worth a look, one show I often watch is  Wheeler Dealers. Wheeler Dealers is presented by Mike Brewer and Ed China, Mike buys old cars in need of TLC. Ed fixes them up and then gives them back to Mike who tries to sell them for a profit, the profits made by the pair are usually pretty small, if they were taking into account labour costs for the work Ed does I am pretty sure they wouldn’t make any profit on any of their cars but they don’t seem to do that and Ed seems to do a very good job (being in front of the camera means he can’t cut corners). If I were looking to buy a second hand car and saw Mike and Ed selling one suitable for me I would definetly buy it.

In the last series of Wheeler Dealers Discovery channel gave away a very nice Jaguar XK8, the car was pretty old, I think a 1997 model and it definetly would have been a gas guzzler but still worth about £8000. I actually entered the XK8 competition myself but didn’t win :(. Discovery don’t seem to have any shows with competitions at the minute but they do have a couple of small comps on their competitions page.

One UK TV channel that has a lot of competitions is ITV, ITV Competitions can be entered via phone or text but these are usually premium rate numbers that means it costs to enter them, although I have never entered one of their competitions using this medium I can imagine the lines getting very busy especially for a popular, prime time show like X-Factor.

When I enter ITV Competitions I like to do so via their website, or by visiting which lists all of the channels latest competitions, tells me how to enter them,  when they are closing and even  me gives me a suggested answer to any questions.

A few ITV shows that currently have competitions are Dickensons Real Deal, Loose Women and of course X-factor. The daytime show This Morning is currently give away £250,000 in cash, can you imagine winning that much money, what would you do with £250,000?