The Best Ways to Deal with Someone Being a Third Wheel in your Relationship

The world of dating can be long and complicated. Not only is it genuinely difficult to get together with someone in the first place, but you will find that balancing the time you spend with your partner alongside your friends can be difficult. Sometimes you may want to see them both but inadvertantly start to treat your friend like a third wheel. Well, don’t worry, this is a normal problem that can be difficult to break once you have started the cycle. Here are the top ways that you can deal with someone who is starting to third wheel your relationship.

1. Understand what sort of third wheel they are

It doesn’t matter whether the girl you are seeing is your childhood sweetheart, a Bubbles London escort or someone you have just met off Tinder, when it comes to a meet between you, your partner and your friend, one of the most important things you can do is determine what sort of third wheel you actually have. Some third wheels genuinely are jealous that they haven’t got your attention anymore, others just want pity that they have lost you. Others just literally think that they’ve become a part of your relationship!

Once you know what type of third wheel they are, you can start to learn about how you start distancing them from your partnership when you are all together as a group.

2. Create seperate outings

It can be hard not to tell your bestie literally everything about your new lover. However, you may start to notice that they start inviting themselves to your outings. Before you know it, you’ll be at a fancy restaurant altogether with your bestie judging every time you enjoy some close cuddle time. If you need to let your third wheel know about what you’re doing, try to avoid saying dates and times, better yet, say you want to keep them private. That way you can seperate time together so that you can give your third wheel the attention they need to feel like they are still a part of your life.

3. Be firm with your third wheel

Don’t be mean to your third wheel, like don’t tell them things like “get lost.” Not every friend may realise that they are crashing your date. That will make it even more awkward than it already is. Instead, just be firm and let them know that you and your new lover want to spend some time together. That way you can keep things calm and not make a big scene out of it. Instead they might just feel a little bit embarrassed. But that’s better than starting a big fight off because of it!

4. Set Boundaries

If you are okay with your third wheel coming along for your date, you may want to have a little chat before you do so. Just letting them know that they can stay for a drink or until you have finished the meal establishes that you want to have time with them and with your date. This can also make things more realistic for them. Instead of your date just being a fling, they are someone that they’re going to have to accept into their lives. If they really are your friend, you will find that they will accept what you want completely and give you the space you need to enjoy your date.

5. Don’t make up things!

One of the worst things that you can do is make up stories about your partner to make sure your third wheel turns up. Imagine what will happen when you all meet together and your new lover gets questioned about them. It will be exceedingly awkward and will probably end up making your third wheel feel a little bitter. Be honest about what you’re doing. If you don’t want them there and, instead, want some private time, they should completely respect your decision!

Enjoy time together and apart

Now, when it comes to getting a balance between your lover and your third wheeler, you need to respect them as your friend. They want to see you just as much as your lover does. So remember to be kind to them but let them know when things get too much. If you think that you need time apart then that’s fine. Your friend should know that you need some private moments with your lover. Just remember not to leave them alone for too long!

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