The Biggest Divorces In History

Divorce can be a messy business and the following know just how tricky life can get during a divorce. They are the celebrated divorcees of Hollywood – some of the following people embraced the concept of divorce and did it again and again…
Liza Minnelli knows how to marry a guy and then divorce him.  After four marriages came the inevitable four divorces.  She remains at the top of the show business tree but in real life she has not been able to find her soul mate.

Elizabeth Taylor knew how to live well. With her suitors came some of the rarest and most beautiful jewels in the world. However, after seven divorces, Elizabeth finally settled down.

Neil Diamond divorced Marcia Murphy way back when. The astonishing fact of the sad demise of his thirty year marriage was the huge settlement that Marcia received. She was given $150 million as alimony. The split was perceived to be amicable and Diamond once again entered the dating arena, unscarred from the financial battering from his divorce.

James Cameron had a massive hit with Titanic but even though he earned over $100 million for his part in the creation of the movie, his divorce from Linda Hamilton came at the wrong time. She was reportedly awarded $50 million as she was his lawful wife when Titanic earned the colossal fortune. Their marriage was brief as it lasted only 18 months.

Madonna and Guy Richie were married in a tasteful ceremony in a Scottish castle. However, the fairytale beginning soon descended into divorce proceedings after a number of differences became apparent. Madonna unfortunately lost her British knight in shining armour and the wedding was most definitely off.

Tiger Woods had a spectacular fall from grace after his shenanigans were exposed by the media. His wife was certainly aggrieved and he had a divorce petition to answer very soon after. Elin Nordegren was awarded $100 million to keep her in the lifestyle that she had become accustomed to. The divorce was a blow to Woods but he has now bounced back to form.

Irina and Roman Abramovitch married before Roman had established his fortune.  Irina was awarded an extraordinary sum of money after Roman was accused of infidelity. The $300 million may have helped to ease the pain.

Bernie Ecclestone made his fortune as the owner of Formula One. He certainly has made a good deal of money but that still did not help him when he was divorced by his wife Slavica.  It was rumoured that she was given $1.2 billion as her settlement.

One thing that all of the above parties did was to find the right legal representatives, whether they were defending or fighting for their fortunes. For more information, click here.
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