The Botulinum Toxin Aids In Beauty

The Botulinum toxin

Clostridium botulinum is a type of bacteria that produces the botulinum toxin. It is a potent neurotoxin that is commonly known as Botox in the field of cosmetics. Through the development of technology, researchers are now able to extract this toxin from the bacteria. Different ways of purifying the substance has also been discovered so that the toxin will be really effective.

If the botulinum toxin is not used properly, it could cause food poisoning and paralysis. With this in mind, the doctors have diluted the toxin so that it could be injected to the muscles where the wrinkles are found. This toxin is FDA approved to help with the problems on wrinkles and unwanted facial lines.

How does botox remove the wrinkles in the face?

This toxin targets the nerves so that the muscles will relax and will not be able to contract. This will remove the visible wrinkles on the face. The toxin is usually applied to the forehead, around the eyes and near the mouth. One weakness of this toxin is that it cannot correct the damage done by the pull of gravity or the changes brought about by exposure from the sun.

The Botox operation

The usual treatment only lasts for a few minutes. The toxin is readily injected to the areas where the wrinkles need to be removed. You do not need to undergo anesthesia if you decide to go for botox. Some people feel a slight pain due to the puncture through their skin by the injection that contains the botulinum toxin. Within a few days, the result would be observed. It is advised that you stop taking anti-inflammatory medication to avoid discoloration and bruising of the injected sites.

The wrinkles won’t come back for two to four months. The muscles will slowly return back to normal that is why you would see the wrinkles come back once again. Most of the customers come back regularly to keep their skin tight.

What to expect after Botox treatment

After the Botox treatment in your face, you may see some bruising. Do not worry because it will go away in a couple of days’ time. It is advised that you do not massage the area where the botox was injected. This could spread the botox toxin and worsen the bruise that you already have.

Are there any side effects I should know of?

There are simple and manageable side effects to having a botox treatment. There is usually bruising around the area but this eventually heals. There might also be pain felt in the area where you were injected. You should also ask your doctor to do a light treatment so that you would still be able to move the muscles in your face. Some people would say that those who go for botox could not really smile. To prevent this, having a light treatment would be necessary.

If you got your botox from a botox party, be sure that a doctor is performing it for you. It is better for you to let the doctors handle your face than someone who does not have adequate experience about the matter at hand.

Other benefits of botox

Botox is not only used for cosmetic purposes. It also has several uses that could benefit even those who do not want a facial makeover. Listed below are some of the other benefits of botox.

  • It reduces migraines.

This FDA approved toxin is proven to reduce migraine pain because when it is injected to the muscles of the head and neck, it releases tension. It helps the muscles relax so that it will not put pressure on the nerves. This is why your migraines will lessen.

  • It prevents you from sweating too much.

The botulinum toxin is injected to inhibit the production of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the substance that makes your sweat glands produces more sweat. In the absence of this chemical, there will also be less sweat that would be produced. The FDA approves botulinum toxin as a cure to this condition

  • It reduces pain caused by arthritis.

This is another procedure that is approved by the FDA. When muscle spasms occur, pain is felt by the patient. The botox is used to paralyze the muscle so as to prevent the spasms and the pain that comes along with it.

  • Helps the bladder.

The botulinum toxin may be injected to the bladder to increase its capacity. This is used to help patients with overactive bladders. These patients always need to use the bathroom but with the help of the botulinum toxin, the use of the bathroom would lessen.

  • Relieves pain caused by sex

Although most people think of sex as a pleasure giving act, some women feel pain whenever they have sex. By injecting the botulinum toxin in the perineal area, the muscles of the pelvic floor would be relaxed thus preventing pain during intercourse.

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