The Breakfast Club

If you’ve been blessed with a large kitchen space, then utilising it is key. With an open space, you will want to spend time eating, drinking and talking among your appliances.  So you need to make sure your kitchen gets direct to the point, and opens out the room for visitors.  One thing that is very popular in large kitchens is an island.  An island breaks up the large space and makes it feel more intimate, while also giving you an extra workspace close to your oft used appliances.  And one of the favourite things to add to this island is a breakfast bar.  By simply adding some matching stools to your island, you can open it up for people to sit and chat and eat their cornflakes while reading the paper.  And by choosing to order a kitchen direct, you can ensure that it will fit perfectly to your room, without any of the hassle.

How About a Trip Over the Atlantic

One of the most popular recent styles of kitchen is the American kitchen.  Perhaps seeing a chance for freedom from the confines of that common galley kitchen, home owners are opting to knock the two rooms together.  So why don’t you join them.  An American kitchen offers a huge amount of potential cooking space, allowing you to cook and entertain in comfort – you can consign those cramped kitchen gatherings to history.  Perfect for grabbing a beer without missing any of the football, or perfect for brewing a quick cup of tea without worrying about the end of the ad break, there are lots of good reasons why this style of kitchen has become popular.  And by ordering your kitchen direct, you can ensure that it fits perfectly to your room style without the hassle.

However, before deciding on that American kitchen, you need to remember about the traditional kitchen.  Kitchens can offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of a party; a place to have a quiet talk and glass of wine while the men watch the football.  Remember that a kitchen in full use will emit smells, which may not always be pleasant.  If these considerations are important for you, then perhaps a traditional galley kitchen would fit you better.  Keep in mind the plus and minus points of each style.


Saving possibly the most important consideration to last, your kitchen needs to withstand an almost constant siege on its quality.  Every day you use it, your kitchen is likely to be subjected to extreme heats, to knives dropped on the floor, to broken plates and to food splattered all over the walls.  More than nearly any other room, the kitchen needs to be quality and durable.

So look for something that will definitely survive this constant onslaught.  By ordering one of the many direct kitchens, you can ensure the durability to match their style.