The Busiest, Most Popular And Oldest Landmarks Of Society

Archeologists suggest that construction of the site in County Wiltshire, England began somewhere around 3,100 B.C. and began with an earthen mound. Stonehenge may very well be the oldest social landmark still standing. Measuring over 295 feet (90 meters) in diameter, the complex contains blue stone, sandstone and sarsen stones mysteriously arranged in an array of concentric circles and half circles. Individual standing stones form configurations along with the predominant trilithon structures. Many theories exist as to the actual purpose of Stonehenge including the druid and pagan practice of commemorating the summer and winter solstices. Visitors continue celebrating these events at the structure today. Almost one million visit the site annually. (

Roman Colosseum
Construction began on this immense complex in 72 A.D. and took eight years for completion. The elliptical structure measures 617 feet by 512 feet (188 meters by 156 meters) and stood four tiers tall. Awnings covered each seating tier protecting spectators from the sun. Though having a visitor capacity of over 50,000, the various tiers separated members of different social classes. Chariot races, hand-to-hand gladiator combat and wild game hunts entertained the masses and sometimes continued for days. Tens of millions continue visiting the ancient building annually, which features over 70 entrances. Before entering the arena amphitheater, at ground level, guests have the opportunity of exploring a museum along with the passages that once held animals and human participants. (
Hyde Park
The London location started as land owned by local monks until Henry VIII acquired the property and converted the site into a royal hunting grounds. Charles I opened the park to the public in 1637. Covering over 350 acres (142 hectares), Hyde Park features forested regions, meadows, sprawling lawns and a manmade serpentine lake along with various paths and trails. Features of the park include the Diana Memorial Fountain, the 7 July Memorial and the expansive Victorian Gate that provides the main entrance. Besides serving as a destination for typical outdoor gatherings and sports, the park hosts a number of public music concerts and other special events. For the 2012 Summer Olympics, Hyde Park hosts the Triathlon and the 10-kilometer swimming event. (
Shibuya Street Crossing
Commuting to and from work, going shopping or just meeting friends, the Shibuya Crossing is probably the most congested destination in the world. Located in Tokyo, Japan, the intersection sees hundreds, perhaps thousands of pedestrians pounding the pavement daily. Situated in front of the Shibuya Station, the location is the mega shopping district of the city but also features a number of eateries and IT industries. The famous dog “Hachiko” provides a popular meeting place. Vehicles must stop for the cascade of people coming to and fro in all directions. The famous location provided the backdrop for a number of Hollywood movies including “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.” ( (,_Tokyo)
Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
With over 17 million visitors annually, Magic Kingdom remains the most popular amusement park and societal landmark in the world. Opened in 1971 and encompassing 107 acres, the park was the first of four parks comprising the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The memorable Cinderella Castle towers in the midst of six separate locations that include Adventureland, Frontierland, Main Street, U.S.A. and the New Fantasyland. For four decades, guests of all ages arrive from all over the world for the chance of experiencing Disney’s dream of family entertainment. Adventures, rides and live performance shows bring guests face to face with some of the most iconic characters Disney ever created. (
Mall of America
Open since 1992, the Mall of America in Minnesota represents one of the newest social landmarks in the world. Over 40 million people arrive here every year for the pleasure of shopping and seeing the attractions contained within the 4.2 million square feet of building space. The location hosts over 400 special events annually that range from book signings and celebrity appearances to health fairs and product demonstrations. In addition to housing over 500 stores, the four-story mall features a number of attractions that include the Nickelodeon Universe, which has various thrill rides, live performance shows and shops based on the famous children’s channel. The Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium at the mall features more than 10,000 marine life creatures housed within a massive tank exhibit. (
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