The City Of Lights Is Aglow With The Opening Of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2012 is highlighting high-end design at the annual style coup d’état. Showing off the painstaking creations of the industry’s most respected designers, this year’s catwalk bonanza was kicked off by Versace – quite literally. Treating the audience to a shimmer-fest of pastels, rainbow hues and movement-resplendent fabric, Donatella proved that her creations continue to evolve and dictate what’s hot and what’s not amongst her peers.

Donatella Brings Sexy Back at Paris Fashion Week

Ostentatious down to the very slashing, stitching and patching of her form-fitting dresses, Versace knows how to emulate the female form. Not holding back, the top-notch designer’s line was a bottomless pool of chiffon, skin-tight leather and beautiful crystal embellishments.

Bringing all that glitters to this year’s biggest fashion event, Versace’s opening will be difficult to top. Followed by the likes of Christian Dior, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana, it seems that organiser’s of Paris Fashion Week 2012 have done their very best to put together a legendary line-up that shouldn’t disappoint. For Dolce & Gabbana, this will be their very first haute couture collection.  

Signalling a big weekend for Versace’s elite fashion house, opening Paris Fashion Week with a bang wasn’t the only thing on Donatella’s agenda. About to launch her very own jewellery line, Versace admits that her own private collection inspired her to craft a compilation of quality pieces. One-of-a-kind, like most of her dresses, Versace’s bracelets, necklaces and rings are dripping with precious stones. Believing in the epithet “diamonds are forever”, Donatella’s use of emeralds, amethysts, yellow diamonds and sapphires showed off an irresistible opulent rhetoric.

Taking the high road when it comes to her dresses and now jewellery, Donatella Versace is boldly reclaiming her throne on the Paris Fashion Week schedule. With whispers that she’s designing Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress and a couture collection that will inevitably be sold to a handful of the world’s richest women, it comes as no surprise that her Paris Winter/Fall collection attracted fashion-forward celebrities like Jessica Alba, Christina Hendricks and Milla Jovovich.

A Very Versace Success

Hard hit by the recession, the Versace brand’s comeback is nothing short of impressive – especially in the face of those who believed Donatella’s lavish fashion belonged in the past. Bringing her unapologetic aesthetic to Paris Fashion Week, Versace’s 26 gowns are ready to bring their glamour to the red carpet come award time.  

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