The Common Mistakes People Make When Moving

The Common Mistakes People Make When Moving

Moving is not easy, I’m sure most would agree! Therefore it is not surprising that many people make silly mistakes that add to the stress of it. There is so much work involved when a move is taking place, the situation often becomes intense and oftentimes people become uncertain of which way to turn.

If these common mistakes could be avoided, a move would be less difficult and ultimately less stressful for most, but we need to establish the mistakes in order to be able to avoid them, if you are moving anytime soon the following situations may be in your interest so that no mistakes are made and so that everything goes to plan, easily and straightforwardly.

Here are the top three mistakes, which can be easily avoided.

1/ Planning maybe not taken Seriously!

It cannot be stressed enough how important the planning process actually is, yet many people still forget to do it!

If you are not the type of person to write lists and to take not of what has to be done, now maybe the time to start! You cannot go wrong with an established plan and it doesn’t have to be difficult to do, nor will it take much time to do it either.

You will need, a notepad and pen and a few contacts. Simply write down all of the jobs that you have to do from sorting out the house, to packing to hiring professional home and office removals in Wandsworth and make sure that you have a few handy contact numbers so that you can follow your plan with ease, when the time comes.

2/ Last Minute Packing!

The most successful movers will pack and sort, well in advance! They start packing early so that they are prepared and ready for when moving day arrives.

Last minute packers are likely to get in a bit of a mess, they may find that they do not have enough boxes, they overload boxes, not fill boxes properly, not protect valuable items, things get lost etc you name it, it can all go wrong when packing is done at the last minute.

If you do not have time to do the packing properly, rather than rush through it, you may benefit from using a packing service instead. Ask your chosen removal company if they offer this service.

3/ Using a Small Van!

Van size is very important; the general rule tends to be the smaller the van the more journeys you do. Now unless you have all the time in the world to do journey after journey then van size is not really a major concern, however journey after journey is also very exhausting and you should bare that in mind too.

Small vans can be rather tricky too, trying to pack big furniture into a small van maybe difficult if not impossible and if you do finally do manage to do it, the van may not be much good for anything else so you end up wasting a whole journey on one item.

Fuel costs are going to be more with repeated journeys, so if you think accessing a small van to reduce costs is a way of saving money, you may be surprised that it’s not actually the case.

Of course you can easily avoid all of these mistakes by opting to hire a professional removal company instead, it doesn’t cost much to hire removals these days and because of the growing market ,within this trade, most removals offer competitive prices. Simply get a few quotes from a few local removal firms and try to haggle the price to get a cheaper rate and you could save even more.