The Consistent Success Of Science Fiction Movies

There has never been a genre that has spawned so many sequels as science fiction. Science fiction films tackle science-based phenomena or speculations that may or may not be accepted by what we refer to as mainstream science. The common denominator of these films is a topic or a character that often challenges known truths to man.

As we watch movies of this nature, we are exposed to ideas that are new or are continually being questioned such as aliens, time travel, and mutation. There are certain elements that have become standard in these movies including themes like an experiment-gone-wrong, robots, spacecrafts, and the like. Sci-fi movies are developed either because of complete ignorance of a certain topic or because of resulting questions produced by existing discoveries.

Science fiction movies are not new and in fact are known to have started at the very infancy of film – during the era of silent movies. However, success came first with the phenomenal box-office showing of Star Wars. This movie which remains to be one of the most popular movies online, paved the way for other science fiction based movies that have met with tremendous success as well.

These movies include Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek, The Terminator, ET (Extra Terrestrial), Robocop, Back to the Future, Aliens, and Avatar. More recent box-office successes include The Matrix, Jurassic Park, and sequels of the Star Wars saga. There were other notable films such as A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and Minority Report which were effectively used as a commentary platform of views.

Categorizing a movie as a science fiction necessitates it to conform to the commonly used elements of the genre. Among these elements include scientific knowledge, alien life, disasters, robots, and time travel. The interest garnered by a sci-fi movie usually depends on how it is able to create curiosity in the audience.

Science or the study of anything that seeks to explain its being always poses a question of why, how, what if, and so on. Sci-fi movies are the same way with most finishing with still another question, thus is the expected sequel.

It is no wonder then that science fiction movies continue to be among the most watched movies online. The subject is able to sustain continued interest among viewers. Its appeal to a wide range of age groups has made the science fiction genre hard to beat in viewership.

This article has been contributed by guest blogger, John. John is a full-time student whose main hobby is to watch movies online.