The Coolest Accessories For Men

Sporting the most up to date or even the most classic accessories can be a tricky business for the modern man. There is such varied choice and style that getting the look right can be a taxing challenge for even the most accomplished follower of fashion. Follow these guidelines and enter the graceful world of the men’s accessories.

A belt will not always be on full view but will give the casual observer a glance of a well thought out look. The belt should obviously be a practical element to any outfit – stay away from flashy buckles unless you have a very sober dressed down look. A formal suit will demand a very conservative but stylish belt. Dior Homme has a range of classically chic belt that would enhance a bespoke suit but is flexible enough to use on casual days.

Love them or loathe them, the tie is an essential requirement to accessorise a formal suit. The tie speaks volumes about the wearer so approach your choice with some caution. A tie that screams for attention with bold pattern will not do the suit any justice. Go for quietly confident, conservative with a twist for maximum impact. Dolce and Gabana have an impressive collection that will enhance a bespoke suit. They have achieved the sober with a twist design element with bells on. For cool power dressing, the Italian boys have certainly come up with the goods.

Socks can be a very boring affair. The everyday black multi pack sock drains the wearer of individuality and a chance to easily shine in the fashion department. Socks, as opposed to ties, give the individual the chance to let their imagination go wild. As the humble sock is always hidden, the occasional flash of colour will excite the whole look. The British master of the sock is Paul Smith. His colour combinations are dazzling, fun and gives the wearer a shot of excitement.

Bags are really making headway in men’s fashion. No longer the preserve of students or couriers, workbags are now available in exquisite styles and design. If the thought of carrying a bag around does not entice you, the solution to carrying your essential paperwork might lie within the portals of Louis Vuiton. The Vladamir Business Portfolio comes in several finishes and is functional enough to house a PDA.  It will complement a serious suit and give the owner some stylish gravitas.

Shoes have the power to pull the whole look together and, like a tie, offer to the beholder a great insight into the man. There is no point in messing around with inferior brands. A well executed shoe looks exactly like that, stylish, beautifully crafted and very comfortable. Burberry’s polished leather laceups will certainly stand up to a Saville Row suit. The brand will automatically earn the wearer fashion points and will deliver on a quality purchase

Written by Elizabeth James, who writes for Cad and Dandy, the Bespoke Suit specialist.