The Cure To Growing Older

The Cure To Growing Older

Growing old is one of the most dreaded, yet inevitable aspects of any man’s life. Most men spend far less time caring for their bodies and skin than women, which is slightly ironic because many guys are frequently engaged in dangerous activities to their skin and bodies. Growing old often comes with many negative connotations like bad health, aches, and just looking worse. Thankfully, many of these can be put on hold by making a few healthy decisions. It is going to happen – but with the right care and precautions taken earlier in life – you can make the most out of your older years. How do you stay young and healthy for longer? Let’s take a look at a few easy to follow guidelines to keep yourself feeling and looking young.


One of the best ways to put off old age is by exercising.  Getting your heart pumping not only helps keep you looking young, but can prevent cancer and protect you from old age induced memory loss (like Alzheimer’s). If you are struggling to find time for exercise in your life, think about walking or biking to work. It may take a few more minutes, but the exercise you get from this daily commute helps keep your bones stronger and gives you the cardio workout needed to prevent heart disease. The more physical activity you get, the less risk you will be at for health related issues.

Avoiding Hair Loss

One of the big fears of growing old as a man is losing your precious hair. Sure, for some, it’s simply in your genes but you do not necessarily have to accept hair loss as part of getting old. Engaging in a few activities can help keep your hair healthy and on your head where it belongs. Eating a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables and – surprisingly – nuts can keep your hair follicles strong and healthy. Take care of your hair by keeping it clean and avoiding letting it dry out. Furthermore, speak with a doctor about potential supplements you can take for strengthening your hair.


The daily grinding of a razor on your face can be one of the root causes of premature aging. During shaving it is important to use clean, high quality blades and the right products – both before and after the shave. Shaving in one direction protects your skin from unnecessary strain – go in the direction that your hair is growing. Try to avoid cheap shaving creams which have a tendency to dry out your face. Before the shave, give your face a good, hard wash with warm water. You can’t over emphasize the importance of a good wet shave. You should not consider yourself done shaving until after you apply a good aftershave product to moisturize your face, kill bacteria and make your skin feel vibrant and alive.

Protect your Skin

Aside from shaving, cleaning and protecting your skin from the elements can keep you looking young and healthy. It is also important to keep your skin moisturized. Many of the body washes and things we use in the shower suck the moisture right out of our skin. Use moisturizers after or during your shower to help protect the surface of your skin. Also, the cold winter months put extra stress on your skin. Cover up your face when you go outside for extended periods of time and your skin will thank you.

Finally, smoking is a habit you need to kick if you want to stay healthy and looking young. Smoking can damage just about every organ in your body – including your skin. Cigarette smoke discolors your skin and makes your face appear far older than it is.