The Danish Way: 5 Fun Family Weekend Activities And Getaways With Kids

After all the working five days a week, the weekends are spent to relax and spend quality time with the family and kids. Family is a priority to Danes, so much that they’d drop their day’s work if something comes up with their family members. If you’re visiting or newly-migrated to Denmark, you will consider this as one of many desirable traits of its people.

So, it should come with no surprise that they’ll squeeze in as much time as possible with the kids, and the weekends provide the perfect time to bond the whole day with them. Be it educational or entertainment, beach picnic or lounging at the park, these trips make spending time with the family outside of home fun and worthwhile. But, of course, spending the weekend at home is ideal, too. I bet family time, whether at home or at outside excursions, is one of the many reasons why Danes are the happiest people in the world.
If you’ve recently moved in and are looking for weekend activities for your family, read on.
Science Museums and Centers
Enrich your kids’ minds by taking them to science, nature, and technology exhibits. Take the whole family to Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Zoological Museum, Louisiana Museum’s Children’s House, and Experimentarium for great fun and learning. Both adults and youngsters get to experience science and technology in an interactive environment which is a great way of learning beyond the classroom.
History and Culture
Taking a trip to historic attractions with the family is also recommended. Castles and ships will surely keep the kids excited. The Kronborg Castle, Rosenborg Castle, Viking Ship Museum, The Little Mermaid, and Hans Christian Andersen are just some of the fantastic attractions you can share history and culture with the kids.
Hopping from Zealand, Jutland or Funen to another can be exhausting to kids so plan your road trip with enough stopovers. Book a hotel room if you must; children under 12 years old can stay for free.
Outdoor Adventures
Being a country made up of islands, Denmark is definitely not devoid of beautiful beaches. To illustrate how incredible it is to be frolicking at the beach during summertime and borrow Incubus’ words: “I dipped my toes into the sand… And in this moment I am happy”. Head to the Amager Beach Park in Copenhagen with the kids and enjoy skating and various water sports activities.
Numerous playgrounds and parks are available in many locations. Making the weekends more thrilling are world famous amusement and theme parks. There’s Legoland, Tivoli Gardens, Bakken, Sommerland Sjælland, and BonBon-Land.
Indoor Fun
Besides the amusement and adventures trips to the city and parks, family time within Danes’ own backyards is as fun and meaningful. It’s not costly, too. Inflatable pools are as much fun when spent with your kids’ friends.
Summer is the best time to go for a walk, hike, bike, and swim. But, how about the long and cold winter? Does the fun stop, too? Parents stock up on their kids’ favorite board games, books, movies, and toys to keep boredom at bay. Denmark-based online stores for toys and games give you an idea what the bestsellers are.
Go on one of these weekend family bonding suggestions or all of them and your kids will surely have a grand time.
Roan Manguera writes about all things Danish for international readers.