The department of public health of Imperial County is offering flu shots to public

Prevention is the best method to be free from diseases. This is what the department Public Health f Imperial Country is reminding people. They are saying that, it is not at all difficult to be attacked by any flu. Therefore, the prevention must be taken.

This is the week for National Influenza Vaccination. Therefore, the department personnel are trying to inform people about the importance of taking the vaccine of influenza to get rid of flue and stay fit. They are saying that the programs related to vaccination will go on in the season of holiday in the month of January and also after that.

The NIVW this year is observed from last Saturday. The most worrying thing is that in the United States of America a lot of people are attacked by various kinds of flu. This is showing that the season of flu is coming soon. Therefore, there is much necessity to be safe from it and vaccination is no doubt the best way to be safe from flue as per the views of the Disease Control Center is concerned.

In the southern states in the USA, people are more attacked with flu. In California and some other major states the effect of influenza is not that worrying till the date. However, there is still the concern as it can spread radically and that can be harmful. Therefore, the precaution is already taken and more than one third of the total population of the USA was given the vaccine already to keep them safe from any kind of flu before the flu season comes.

Well, there are still some people who are not sincere about the precaution of flu and they have not taken the medicine. That is why; the work of the public health department has not come to an end.

According to Dr. Stephen Munday, the health officer of Imperial County said, “The department is trying their best to encourage as much people as possible to take the vaccine so that they can stay fit in the flu season which generally starts from the month of February and continues till the month of May.”

The department is trying their best to keep people aware about the need of taking this vaccine as the flu season stays for long, and if the vaccine is not taken the person may be attacked with flu and he or she has to suffer from it. Though the activity of flu is not high in all the cities precaution must be taken to get rid of any future hazards.

The department of Public health has been quite efficient to handle the situation as they have already brought in market 6000 doses for flu shot which can be given to the individual. Still 2400 doses are still remaining to be given to more people in different states of USA to make them safe in the flu season.

The cost of taking a flu shot is not much as it is related to public health care. One has to spend only $5 to be safe from any kind of flu in the coming season.