The Difference Between Bashing And Racing RC Trucks

Race, Bash, and Enhance Your Experience With RC Trucks!

If you are new to the RC cars hobby, you might be wondering about the difference between bashing and racing RC trucks. Both are delightful activities and will greatly enrich your experience of this hobby; however, the outcome of each activity is very different. To get started, let us take a look at both the sports of RC bashing and of RC racing.

RC Truck Bashing

The first hobby option is RC truck bashing. RC truck bashing is less formal and can be done with a few friends in any location that accommodates nitro RC trucks or electric RC trucks. In RC truck bashing, you and your friends simultaneously operate your trucks and do whatever you want with them – following any path and performing any cool maneuvers you see fit to display.
While bashing RC cars is not always competitive and as the purpose of the activity is just to have fun and show what your car or truck can do, there are certain things that you should be mindful of even when doing this fun RC car activity.
First of all, know the limits of both your RC truck and your driving skills. Some maneuvers require extensive control over your vehicle. If you are not a particularly skilled driver, stick with what you know so you do not damage your truck or someone else’s truck.
Remember that bashing, most often than not, involves free-style maneuvers such as flips with experimental landing and also it may involve falls and collisions in unforeseen degrees of impact. For this, it will be beneficial that a certain type of RC cars be used for activities. Monster RC trucks and tough off-road cars are ones recommended for this type of activity.

RC Truck Racing

RC truck racing has set rules behind it regarding where the trucks must go and what are the criteria for winning. Racing RC cars and trucks can be done on a track or off road, and you can even organize informal races with your friends.
There are a lot of official races for all kinds of RC cars and all skill levels of hobbyists. Races give you a chance to earn prizes, recognition, and exposure to other hobbyists with similar interests. In order for the activity to do for its purpose, it will be very good if you have conditioned yourself and your car for the race. Though you may not always bag the price, it is always best to get the thrill and excitement of a racing activity by finishing the race.
Now that you know the difference between bashing and racing RC trucks, there’s no reason not to pursue both kinds of activities. Bashing with your friends gives you a great opportunity to improve your driving skills, see what cool things your friends have done that you might want to emulate, and share valuable technical knowledge and information about upcoming events in the world of RC cars. Racing your trucks can help you meet other hobbyists and form valuable friendships that can later on lead to fun bashing activities.
Now that you know about the difference between bashing and racing RC trucks, take a look at some cool remote control cars and trucks with which you can do both.