The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Men’s Jeans Repair

Denim Damage

Whether it is through wearing jeans to work or just in general, men are great for damaging even the most durable and hard-wearing denims. The man solution to a tear or worn denim is generally to go and buy some new jeans; however, by taking a few simple steps men could repair their jeans themselves, and save themselves money for something else.

Read on for the step-by-step guide for how to fix your damaged denim yourself.

Try to Recycle

If you do find yourself with a pair of men’s jeans to throw out, keep them, or at least cut one of the legs away so you have the fabric in case you need it. You then have denim should you have a similar shade of men’s jeans that become damaged in the future. Depending on the look you wanted, you do not necessarily have to worry about the shades matching, just give yourself an exciting, different new look.

Alternatively, should you damage a pair of your favourite jeans; denim patches are widely available at fabric stores. Ensure you buy a patch that is bigger than the hole you are trying to repair.

Fixing the Jeans

Unlike with formal dress trousers, you will not be able to use iron in webbing to stick a patch onto your jeans. You could probably do it if you wanted, but if it didn’t fall off while wearing it, it would last, at most, two washes. On this occasion you will need to go down the needle and thread route, ideally you will have a sewing machine to help you in repairing your men’s jeans.

For now, turn the jeans inside out, placing the patch over the hole in the position you want it. Hold this into place with sewing pins.

If you have a sewing machine, place the foot of the sewing machine over the patch and remove the pins. Please be careful you do not make the calamitous error that many do, and sew your jeans shut! Sew around the edge of the patch until it is fully attached, and that is job done. Slightly harder should you be sewing your men’s jeans manually; however, you will have the added advantage of still having the pins situated in the fabric. Just be careful not to stab yourself!

Discover a side to yourself you never knew you had, begin repairing your own jeans and start saving yourself a lot of money immediately.

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