The Don’ts In Caring For Your Car

Caring for your car may sound so easy. Check the engine; check the fluids, tire air pressure, lights; check the battery; and you’re good to go. However, there are some things that if you do wrong, you’re not only going to end up wasting money but risk doing damage to your vehicle as well.

Listed below are some don’ts that you should not do when it comes to caring for your car.

Change Engine Oil After Every 3,000 Miles
Most oil companies will tell you that it’s recommended to change engine oil after every 3,000 miles. While there’s nothing wrong with this practice and it won’t hurt your car, you should know that you’re only going to end up wasting money. If you want to be sure of the right time to change engine oil, you should always check your owner’s manual. Most vehicles are perfectly okay to go 7,500 miles before requiring a change in engine oil; that is, if you’re driving the vehicle under normal driving conditions. However, if you’re driving your car under severe driving conditions, then it is recommended that you follow the “after every 3,000 miles” rule.

Severe driving conditions mean regularly driving on rough and mountainous terrain as well as driving the vehicle for long periods of time in dusty conditions. It could also mean driving around a very busy city where you have to do frequent stop-and-go driving.

Replace Radiator Coolant Each Time You Change Engine Oil
Some people might have told you that it’s important that you replace the radiator coolant each time you change engine oil. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this, but you’re only going to end up wasting money since the usual recommendation for changing radiator coolant is after every 60,000 miles or roughly after every five years.

If you want to be sure though, regularly check the level of the radiator coolant in the reservoir. If it’s very low, then have it replaced. If you think there’s a leak somewhere, then bring your vehicle to your trustworthy car shop.

Using Dishwashing Liquid or Laundry Detergents in Washing Cars
You may have been told that it’s okay to use dishwashing liquid or maybe even laundry detergents in washing cars. While it is probably okay to do this the first time, such as when you run out of car-wash liquid, you should know that these cleaning liquids are harsher than the recommended cleaning liquids for cars. The harsh ingredients of these cleaning liquids can strip the wax finish off of your vehicle. After all, they were not formulated to get rid of dirt without doing any damage to the wax finish.

If ever you do run out of car-wash liquid and you need to wash your vehicle, it’s still best that you bring your vehicle to a car wash to be safe. You don’t want to do any damage to your car wax finish, which will mean an additional cost to have it restored.

Caring for your vehicle is easy, but a simple mistake can lead to money loss and damage to your car. If you want to be sure, bring your car to a trusty car shop.

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Jennifer Dahlstrom writes for Avenue Wheel Shop. If you want to extend the life of your car, then you need to give it proper care and maintenance, including bringing it to your local trustworthy car shop.