The Dos and Don’ts When Travelling With The Indian Railways

The Dos and Don’ts When Travelling With The Indian Railways

Are you scheduled to travel with the Indian railways anytime soon? Will this be your first time travel with the railways or will you be travelling alone for the first time? Well, whatever the situation might be, there are a few things that you need to do and a few things that you have to avoid to ensure a hassle-free journey from your end.

The Indian Railways has a fairly simple system of operation, and if you do it right, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that you are eligible to get. So, here is a list of dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind.

The must-dos when travelling with the Indian railways

  • When you decide to travel with the Indian railways, and if you plan on booking your ticket online then you will have to create an IRCTC account, without which you will not be able to book your ticket. This is a must do when it comes to getting the booking done.
  • Always remember that the ticket booking window opens 120 days before the scheduled date of travelling. It means that, within this period of 120 days, you will be able to book a ticket for your travel. It is always best to book the ticket as early as possible since as the days roll by, more and more seats get reserved, and the chances of you getting a confirmed seat become really slim. So, always be alert and have the date of travel -ready from before to avoid any last minute hassles.
  • Do keep your PNR number in your cell phone. You will be able to use this number to track the status of your train, the status of your reservation, get updates if there are any changes in the schedule etc. Basically, the PNR number will help you to stay updated about your status of the scheduled travel and make it more organised for you.
  • When you have doubts as to on which platform the train will come, you can always go to the Indian railway inquiry booth in the station and get the information that you need.

The don’ts that you have to follow

  • Never ever forget to travel without a valid ID proof. Even if you have a ticket with you, without your ID proof, legally you can be asked to board the train at the next station unless you can produce your valid ID! So, it is very important that you have your original ID with you.
  • Do not forget to get travel insurance before you travel. You can talk to your agent or look for plans online to get this done.
  • Do not be late when it comes to catching the train. Most of the trains leave the station at the scheduled time until and unless there is an unforeseen cause of delay, and hence, always arrive half an hour before departure time.

Now that you have an idea about the various dos and don’ts that are imperative for you to follow, note these down and start packing for your travel!