The Effects Of Avanti Launch Of Ka-Band Internet

It is a while now since Avanti started selling satellite broadband on Europe. This was actually the initial market for Avanti.  Avanti made a great use of carrier deals. They were highly dependent on such deals for subscription purposes.  This option made it extremely hard to sell broadband to clients. The simple reason is that the customers do not want to be tied up in any manner.  Avanti was therefore challenged to find a better solution for such a problem. They went out of their comfort zone to seek for a solution. As part of such a solution, a prepaid satellite platform was officially launched to access the internet. They named it ka-band.

The downstream of Ka- band is reported to be 4Mbps while it’s upstream is 1Mbps. This is the actual speed of the internet broadband. Before this launch the majority of the customers were operating on a more stable 330Mbps internet speed which is provided through fiber optic. Those customers who are already on such an internet will be hard to convince them to change and start using ka-band. The internet supplied via the fiber optic is very stable but can only be access at some fixed points you cannot roam around with it as it is the case with the broad band.
Avanti has become a savior for those people who travel constantly. You pay for the satellite internet and use it wherever you go. This pricing strategy is what they call pay-as-you-go. The broadband is going to beam into the rural areas like a colossus. The rural residents will now be in a position to access the internet hence driving the globe into a small village that it has become.  When you use the internet services from Ka-band, the nature of your terrain does not matter as such. You can even make your Skype calls as you relax on holiday from any part of the world.
The carriers are going to sell a substantial amount of this broadband. They have reported that the minimum will be 1 GB broadband. The exact prices that you will be charged will solely be based on the kind of partners supplying the internet broadband. The providers have not seen that one as an obstacle in achieving their objective of serving the world with internet. They are determined to see the majority of the world enjoying using services from ka-band prepaid internet service.  In order to achieve its objectives, Avanti is planning to launch another satellite into space called HYLAS 2 satellite. This will help Avanti in its business objectives of wanting to serve the whole world.  HYLAS 2 will be very useful in widening the market base to the rest of the world. This is the satellite which is expected to serve the African continent and the Middle East Region as well as the Caucasus area. It will be very easier to update your social media websites from any part of those two continents. That is how serious ka-band is to beat competition and conquer the internet world.
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