The Employee Road Trip

It is important for any business to have a healthy and happy workforce to ensure great production results. Taking your staff on a team building road trip is great if you have just a few employees that you feel need a little more encouragement and to lift spirits in the office.

This is a popular venture for large corporations that may be employing three or four new members of staff and you intend to ‘break the ice’ and get people working as a team.

It is very important that when taking your employees on a road trip that it is planned in advance to avoid the embarrassment of taking the wrong turn and getting lost. An itinerary should be put together to ensure your employees don’t get bored of waiting around and feel as though there is some structure and purpose to the trip.

It is important that you don’t let your employees pay for everything – after all they have been invited so they shouldn’t be expected to pay for everything.

Why not add some adventure to the trip by telling the employees they can only pack say ’10 items’ this will not only create a sense of mysteriousness within the group but will also ensure that there is enough space in the lease vehicle for everything.

When taking a rest, plan something fun for the employees to do, you could perhaps do a 10 minute team building exercise activity to stretch the legs. It is important to plan regular stops so you don’t get tired driving. Make sure that everyone takes valuable items with them and never leave them on show in the vehicle. 

The road trip can be for a day, weekend or even a week. Day road trips however work particularly well. You can have a road trip to an abseiling adventure day, or crazy golf and then treat everyone to dinner later. One great team building exercise is orienteering. It will get everyone working together or in teams.

After an employee road trip you will notice a great difference in the atmosphere of your workplace and it is likely to increase production because members of staff will feel rewarded.

The option of business car leasing for the road trip will ensure that at least 50% of the Value Added Tax can be reclaimed from the payments of the vehicle, which will be of more benefit than if you were to use a personal vehicle. You will be able to hire a vehicle on a short term basis and agree a monthly fee.

Jade works for The Blue Cube an online marketing company in Birmingham.