The Extraordinary Styling Secrets Of Curvy Hollywood Stars

The fashion secrets of gorgeous and curvy Hollywood stars are usually simple rules that draw attention to the best assets while minimizing imperfections. The fashion secrets that assure glamour and appeal on the red carpet are simple techniques that can be used by every woman. Many admirers love the curvy look. These extraordinary celebrities have learned to emphasize their special strengths.

Octavia Lenora Spencer, the winner of the 2012 Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 2011 film, “The Help” is a stunning and curvy Hollywood star. Octavia is well proportioned and selects fitted dresses in special colors like oyster and turquoise which compliment her glowing skin. One piece fitted dresses that hug her body will lengthen and slim the curves. Her sleeves end just below the elbow, showing some skin while covering and shaping the upper arms. Octavia’s below the knee dress length give her a symmetrical and balanced look.

The dazzling hit singer Adele loves to wear slenderizing black. Her stunning black dresses enhance her flattering curves by using the silhouette styles of the 50s and 60s. Adele’s dress style always includes an embellished neckline, sometimes scallop work with beads or a softly folding cowl. The neckline Adele wears is low enough to show off her creamy skin and draw attention upward to her spectacular facial features, especially her eyes.

Queen Latifah has been seen wearing a fitted corset and capris layered with a shimmery black blazer. This entirely black outfit in different fabrics and textures slims and lengthens while drawing attention to a lovely face and neckline. Queen Latifah frequently pairs leggings with menswear styled sleeveless tunics that show off her toned upper arms. Rhythm and Blues singer Faith Evans looks fabulous when she highlights her great proportions and firm legs. Faith also selects black jeans and loose flowery tunics on occasion with great accessories of eye-catching necklaces, multiple hoop bracelets and big hoop earrings.

Hollywood stars have fashion habits that consistently give them glamour and appeal. Curvy stars dress for their body shapes and not their body sizes. The best looks always seem to include body hugging clothing for at least some part of the outfit. Modern fabrics can hug a body tightly while stretching and allowing movement. Curvy stars find that tightly fitting clothes which minimize coupled with loose fitting clothes which add style and personality assure a dazzling and trendy look covering imperfections at the same time.

The tight fitting clothing is usually a subdued or dark color while the loose fitting clothing can be bold and colorful. The bold and colorful clothing serves to give the star a signature look. The best curvy fashion emphasizes the sexy curves and flows over problem areas. Successful styles for curvy women do not have any margin for ill- fitting clothes. Even loose fitting and edgy clothing is perfectly proportioned for the curvy stars perfect runway look.

Necklaces are very carefully selected as are hairdos. Favorite bold necklaces should be worn below the neckline of the clothing. Elongating the neckline is very slenderizing and stars are careful not to lose this advantage by picking jewelry that breaks up this line. Hairdos are swept up or pulled away from the neck to maintain this advantage. Large and bold earrings can be used to frame the neck and add sparkle.

These techniques will guarantee admiring stares and second looks. People are drawn to curvy women with style sense.

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