The Fittest Countries In The World

The Fittest Countries In The World

Over the past few decades, the importance of physical fitness has increased in countries across the globe, with many even participating in national efforts to support healthier lifestyles. From the prevalence of sports and physical activity, to traditional diets that contribute to health and longevity, there are a variety of different tactics employed across the world help keep people in shape. Here is a list of some of the fittest countries in the world, and what they are doing to stay healthy.


Maybe it has something to do with being buried among the mountains high above sea level. Perhaps the Swiss’ place on this list is logical for a culture obsessed with alpine and Nordic skiing. It certainly helps that the Swiss have access to one of the world’s best healthcare systems, and that the country is home to one of the happiest populations on Earth.


One of the newest additions to the European Union, Romania is home to one of the most physically hardened populations on the planet. For years, most Romanian individuals lacked access to western food and advanced healthcare while working in jobs that left them toiling on land. This hardship has had a lasting effect of health and longevity, especially among the older inhabitants of the country.


As one of the more developed countries in Northern Africa, Morocco enjoys a relatively stable economy. To stay healthy, many Moroccans choose to participate in impromptu soccer games. Furthermore, Moroccan cuisine is comprised of some of the healthiest options possible, including fresh vegetables, rice, homegrown spices, and an abundance of lean meats. Many Moroccans also enjoy the taste and effects of green tea, an anti-oxidant rich after-meal beverage that helps contribute to the healthy lifestyle of an entire population.


While Scandinavia is actually a region that comprises the countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, these nations can be grouped together as some of the fittest and healthiest populations in the entire world. Inhabitants of this region have long enjoyed a history of playing winter sports, such as skiing, skating, and hockey, which keeps them in peak physical condition. In addition to their physical routines, Scandinavians enjoy a diet of fish and other seafood, which is high in anti-inflammatory Omega 3 acids.


Japanese residents rank among the fittest and healthiest in the world. With a diet rich in seaweed and fish, they receive all of the nutrients necessary for a healthy life. Beyond food intake, most Japanese are forced to participate in sports or other types of physical activity throughout their younger years, ranging from martial arts, to traditional dance, to American baseball.

Fit and Healthy Across the World

As the importance of physical fitness continues to grow throughout the world, people in countries across the world are demonstrating the benefits of living a healthy life style. For those looking for a healthy and fit locale, these are some countries with inhabitants that will surely enjoy a long and healthy life.


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