The Gadgets And Technology Keeping Us Safe And Secure

The wonderful thing about technology is the sheer speed at which it adapts and changes. New gadgets and technologies are introduced to the market at unstoppable rates. It’s hard to keep up! Technology is helping businesses grow and develop. They’re improving our home entertainment and taking our cars into futuristic new worlds. One way in which technology is truly changing our lives for the better is through safety and security. We love nothing more than a fantastic gadget. But when it can keep us safe and secure, we love it even more! Here are some of the coolest safety gadgets out there right now.

Security Apps

Smartphones and tablets are getting smarter by the day. It seems crazy to imagine a world without our handy smartphones. Yet, the iPhone is less than a decade old. We have already adapted to a life with instant internet access and that comes with its benefits. One of which is the multitude of security apps. You can now install cameras in your home and your car. The stream from these cameras can be fed straight to your smartphone. That means you can monitor the activity in your house remotely.

GPS Trackers

Satellite positioning software has so many great applications. From sat nav systems in our car to location services on our phone, they have changed our daily lives. However, one great way GPS is used is to track down stolen items. You can now attach a GPS chip or tag to just about anything. It’s used heavily in the vehicle industry, for example. If your item or vehicle is stolen, the GPS tag will tell you exactly where it is. Use one on your laptop or anything else of value.


The latest iteration of the iPhone now comes with biometric fingerprint recognition. This is the first real commercial rollout of this technology. It’s a technology that has been used behind the scenes by businesses for years, but it will soon be commonplace. Our homes and cars will soon be accessed with biometrics.

Gas Detection

Gas is a silent and deadly killer. Gas leaks in the home and in the workplace have caused fatal accidents. Whether it’s inhaling the gas directly, or igniting the flammable chemical, it’s highly dangerous. Luckily, you can get your hands on a portable gas monitor to detect leaks and rising gas levels. These are saving lives in laboratories, factories and the home.


With the rapid rise in technology came the rapid rise of hackers and digital theft. Safety and security was no longer the preserve of the physical world. Data and information stored online is now vulnerable to exploitation. This can be devastating to your personal life and business. When personal data is stolen online, your identity and bank balance is at risk. Encryption is helping to keep data locked securely out of reach.

Technology will continue to adapt and evolve around us. We will constantly find new ways to stay safe and secure. We are certain that gadgets and technology will be the beating heart of this movement. We can’t wait to see what’s next.