The Garden Is The Best Place For Entertainment And Music

My life changed for the better when I got my garden sorted out. I only really did it in order to stop the wife complaining about the amount of dirt the dog would trample in with him. I got a patio put down and some lawn placed on the bits that were bare and shabby looking. It maybe isn’t a huge change to most people but it has turned out to be the best move I have made in a long time, as it lets me enjoy more entertainment options out of doors.

Music in the Tent
Music festivals are the best places for listening to music, aren’t they? Using this theory I decided to pitch a tent out in my garden, buy a disposal barbeque and organise a mini festival with my mates. All that was missing was the mud to be fair, as the music pounded out of my new wireless speakers, the beer was cold and the sausages were cooked to perfection. We’re thinking of making it a regular event now and next year we might even make it a two or three day event with different types of music on each day.
Working Hard with Reggae
Working from home is either a pleasure or a chore, depending upon how you do it. I found out a while ago that the position of the computer and my view play a big part in how well I get on. I hadn’t considered working outside until one day when the sun was shining and the world seemed like a nice place. I put on my favourite reggae tunes and chilled out while clearing up my backlog. It’s not something I will do every day – there is only so much reggae I can handle – but it makes for a nice change when I want some fresh air and a different view.
A Movie under the Stars
I have always loved the idea of drive through cinemas but have never had the chance to try one out. Then I had the smart idea of moving our home cinema system out into the garden and watching a movie under the stars. My wife wasn’t too keen on the idea at first but she soon got into the spirit of things and brought some popcorn and hot dogs to the event. It turned out to be a great evening’s entertainment and something I would recommend to anyone.
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