The Ghost Button Web Design Trend

The Ghost Button Web Design Trend

One of the biggest Belfast web design trends of the moment is also one of the simplest. Ghost buttons are clickable buttons that are hollow in the centre and only visible because of their outline and the simple text inside. They are often placed in the centre of a screen or in another prominent location, either by themselves or with a few other ghost buttons. Read on to learn more about ghost buttons and whether this trend could work for you.

How should a Ghost Button be Used?

As it often contributes to an overall “simplistic but bold” type of web design, the writing in the button should be clear and not too generic. You wouldn’t put “click here” in a ghost button, or a long string of words for that matter. Instead you’d put a word or short phrase that succinctly tells the reader what they can expect when they click on it.

This is a simple design element that goes along with the general “flat design” trend. If you think the design could work for you, skilled professionals such as those at BCS Web Design can help to make it work through one of their web design packages. You should be aware, however, that it might not be the best fit for your website for a few reasons.

When will a Ghost Button not Work?

A ghost button works best when the screen behind it allows the button’s text to remain readable. Often the outline of the button and the text inside will be white or black. If you have a really busy background design or one that has a lot of black or white in it, you should think twice before considering a ghost button.

A ghost button can also just not fit with the overall feel of your website. For example, your design may be too busy, or it may be difficult to place the button in a spot where it will not distract visitors from other elements of your site.

You should never include a design trend on your website unless it fits with everything else. The ghost button is trendy for a reason, but there are plenty of other design options to consider, too. You don’t want to seem as if you’re trying too hard to fit in. It’s smart to take advantage of free website reviews such as from BCS Web Design, which will help you get the right design.