The Government Regulations Of Business – All You Must Know

The Government Regulations Of Business - All You Must Know

The US government has set many regulations in order to protect the environment, protect the employees’ rights and so on. Some of the regulations are better than others due to their relevance to the US consumers and employees.

The Federal Trade Commission introduced the laws pertaining to the advertising and marketing. The main aim of these laws was to make sure that the companies were honest about their products. They ensure protection of the consumer’s interests. The government asks every business to comply with these laws.

The truth in advertising laws is prepared with few requirements.

  • They ensure that advertising is non-misleading and truthful
  • Businesses could back up the claims made under the advertisements at any point of time
  • They will ensure that advertising is fair to the consumers and competitors

Besides this, all the companies must follow the packaging and labelling act of 1996. According to this act, all the product labels must have useful information about the product including size, nutrition, manufacturing and distribution information.

The employment laws

Employment laws keep changing and modifying themselves. These laws provide information about the benefits, minimum wages, health compliance and safety, equal employment opportunity, working conditions, work for the non US citizens to name a few. They also consider the privacy regulations. Many employment regulations were introduced till now and most of them stand out in the competition.

The Fair labor standards act was introduced by the wage and hour division. This law set a minimum wage for the workers in the country. The law affected more than 130 million workers in the year 2010. According to the act, employees were entitled to many benefits like unemployment insurance, employee social security assistance, worker’s compensation insurance and so on. Similarly, the immigration and nationality act was introduced that individuals who have work visa can be hired. Every business must have the eligibility forms for employees.

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The privacy laws were introduced for the benefit of employees. All the sensitive information is collected from employees as well as consumers. The owners usually gather this information during the hiring procedure or during the business transactions. The businesses are asked to follow the privacy laws and none of the sensitive information is disclosed freely in the public.

The private information collected could consist of the address, social security number, name, credit card, health conditions, personal history, and bank numbers and so on. These laws exist to ensure that businesses do not spread the information. If the companies do not follow these laws, court has the right to sue companies for disclosing the sensitive info.

The safety and health act of 1970 was introduced by law. It ensures that the employers get sanitary and safe work environment. In order to check everything is in order, the government keeps conducting inspections.