The Grand App: Whatsapp

The Grand App: Whatsapp

Everyone has always been more than happy with the WhatsApp messenger. And then one fine day there came rumours about WhatsApp letting you make voice calls. It was sudden, and it was totally unannounced! Who doesn’t wish for more? People welcomes this news, and desperately waited, until the feature was finally here!

WhatsApp has always been the favourite of everyone. Its like people are having their phones, just to be seen WhatsApping alsmot all the time.

WhatsApp has always done too well in terms of being an instant messaging app. With the addition of its voice calling feature, it was no longer just that!  The voice calling feature got a different phase to it!

It started with rumours all around, and so many spams happened with that! But gradually WhatsApp Seems to have got a hang of it, and finally it went official!

After the voice calling,WhatsApp is indeed and ideal app to have. With a little more improvements and amendments, WhatsApp will be just the perfect app to deal with. It started with when the App chose to introduce exchanging voice clips. And now it has come to calling facility! Now, that rumors are catching web of the Galaxy Series being updated by Video Calling like Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7.

There were a lot of talks and so many issues over this when the news first came. Things took time to settle in, and now the feature is working perfectly fine.

With every update WhatsApp has always tried to bring new to its users. Where did it all began, nobody knows! WhatsApp seems to be working upon always, all the time. It has never let its users down, and worked to be the better always.

Even after the overtake by Facebook, WhatsApp seems to have been working like it always has! There has been updates throughout, there has been newness always, and there hasn’t been any kind of problems to be faced!

Voice calls had to be triggered by simply going to a link and then following as per said. It took merely few minutes to let you have your voice call facility in its full fledged working mode.

The voice calls that happen are obviously not as clear as the phone calls are, but something’s better than nothing, isn’t it? WhatsApp has made it quite easier for people around with the introduction of calling feature.

Initially the web saw so many news about how could some one have the calling feature before its officially rolled out. Some were true while others seemed to be some sort of malwares that infected your devices. To DP’s from Best Whatsapp Status

And after everything that happened, Voice Calling is now ready to work upon every upgraded version on your phones or any other device for that matter.

WhatsApp has created many milestones on its way until now,and voice calling feature is surely one of the greatest among them! WhatsApp thinks big, it brings new, and offers a lot more than just instant messaging.

WhatsApp is unbeatable in its own way, and it continues to be rated the number one app, and probably  always will be!