The Great Wonders Of SEO: How It Changed The Face Of Marketing

The birth of Search Engine Optimization changed a lot of things on how businesses or regular people can market their products or share their journals about life…it is a very smart creation that a lot of us can be thankful for. Just by few clicks, we can actually see a wide range of options on whatsoever we are looking for. It’s like our view of the world expanded more. And by SEO, the marketing world just added a really nice flavor to its territory.

Before SEO

When Search Engines like Google weren’t active in this world yet, people in marketing sure did pay humongous amount of money to publicize or spread the word about a product or a project. And that too, they weren’t sure how far the word will spread. It’s really a big gamble or risk. People who work in the marketing sector had to be out there and totally work so hard just to put a name or brand out. It’s like driving a manual car…tougher and more exhausting.

After SEO

When Search Engine Optimization made itself known, it was like having a great divine intervention. Imagine changing your manual car to a very useful or very productive automatic car…that’s the effect of SEO to the marketing world.

Nowadays, marketers can sit and click on Google where they will be provided with loads of websites to strategize and check what people want without going out and taking surveys with multiple choices on a hand-out paper. They can do almost everything just by connecting from one website to another. Social networking, blogs and other big ways to e-market is just a search engine away.

It is funny how you can now just stay in one corner but can spread out a word like virus. For every time you go and search for something, you get linked to another page and so on and forth.

Marketing + SEO = More creativity and productivity


It is meant to be a great mix! Marketers can review the market without even going out but at the same time can still be very creative and very productive. They actually went more outside the box after SEO was born. It also helps that physically they won’t be as tired as when they were doing the marketing outside. Approaching people seems much easier by social networking nowadays. It is easier to convince them to participate in a poll or survey and they really take time in doing so.

With the help of SEO, the marketing world will continue to look forward for a better and bigger picture. It seems as if it is a never ending path of options where marketers can take advantage of its great use.

At least now, they don’t have to knock on everyone’s door and convince the owners for a spare time to listen to the ‘marketing-speech’…just type it in Google and get link to all websites where they’ll tell you how or where to reach people faster without making them feel bugged.


Johan Hedin is the M.D. of Marketing Ignite, one of the leading SEO Bangkok Companies.