The Health Benefits of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of those human wonders that is very under-rated. Without sleep a human being cannot function, and with more sleep the body works a lot better, the mind is rested and at its best, and all around the human is in much better form. Ensuring that you have a good mattress is one way to assist you in getting this much needed rest for the mind and body. It is thought that a latex mattress is a better choice in mattress for the optimal good nights sleep due to its ability to mould to the body.

Improves Memory

While you are sleeping your mind is generally doing a lot more than just switching off. During sleep is the time when it consolidates whatever you have learnt during the day, so if you are studying, or have things that you need to remember, or want to learn, reading about them before bed will give your mind the food it needs to do the work – while you are sleeping.


While we are asleep our pineal gland (located in the brain) produces a chemical called Melatonin which is a free-radical scavenger and anti-oxidant so while you sleep your body is producing this vital chemical to ensure that all the work is done in removing an toxicants from the body. There is thought to be a link between sleeping in a darkened room as this is when the body produces the chemical – when it is dark, and you are asleep.

Attention Span

While many adults get sleepy when they are lacking in sleep, some kids can experience increased hyperactivity from lack of sleep, so rather than turning to harmful pharmaceuticals why not make sure that your kids get a better night’s sleep and see how that goes. If you find that the kids are not getting the grades in school that they should be, or that their attention span has altered dramatically perhaps it might be time to get them a new bed or mattress?


Generally when we have had enough sleep we feel a lot happier. This is not just because we are able to function at optimal levels, it is also to do with our hormones and the time that we use while we are sleeping to rest. If we are anxious and thinking too much and end up going to bed really late we will often find that we are not very happy the next day. Getting a better nights sleep can assist us to be happier all around.


When the body is sleeping it is the time when it does all its repairing and growing, which is why people sometimes experience achy legs at night. Teenagers often complain of having aching legs and this could be in part to them not getting as much sleep as they need, and not giving their body adequate time to relax and rejuvenate itself.