The Heart Of The City

In the heart of every city there is entertainment whether it’s a comedy club, night club, bars or even some burlesque, but how do you decide which is right for you?

Comedy clubs offer a range of different comedians, some funny some not so, but it is all in the name of entertainment, so you can find the perfect place to suit you for every personality. Everyone wants to do something different for that special night out and you don’t always fancy starting off with a meal or going straight into a bar so why not try out one of your city’s local comedy clubs? Have a barrel of laughs, which is guaranteed to get you in the mood. Even just as an alternative to a night out at the same place every week, comedy clubs play a part because it’s so easy to get in a rut at the local.
Night clubs are among the most popular venues in the city. People want to know where is best to finish off the night, have a few more drinks and dance the night away, whether you’re looking for student discounts, local club that are raved about or a club featuring a well-known DJ you’ve been dying to see. It’s also good to go somewhere that plays those old school songs that take you back to your childhood and they’re all available in the city.

Before the club comes the bar or bar crawl, the activity or place to get you in the mood and start off the night as you mean to go on. You can’t beat a bar with a live band in – a good old sing along with an enthusiastic bunch can make a night. Most people love a good Irish band with a decent pint of Guinness and it is great to discover a bar with the Irish feel and the best Guinness served perfectly with a clover etched out on top.

It just shows there is something out there for all of us and it is a case of finding it. It is worth getting on the internet so you can start searching. Memories are something you can always take with you and there is no better way of building up a great set of memories than by experimenting with different city venues in order to find the perfect night out for you and your friends in the name of fun and variety.

Take a nighttime trip to the bars in town with Toby Ashton, writing here for Xclusivetouch