The Heart-shaped Island Galesnjak

The earth is widely known to have numerous wonderful creations, majority of them being beautiful to behold. From its varying natural features like the magnificent natural landscapes to the man-made features all over , there’s no doubt that it’s an amazing planet with wonders that never cease.

Among some of its amazing features that support this fact is the existence of several natural islands that are shaped like a heart. And whether inhabited or not; located in a sea or a lake; on the mountains; in a tropical jungle or anywhere else, these islands have proven to be one of the best destinations in the world to visit. One of these unique-shaped islands is the Galesnjak (also termed as lover’s island or island of love) which is considered by many to be the most perfectly heart-shaped island on the face of the earth.

Galesnjak island is a tiny island having a surface area of approximately 130,000 square Meters and its beach length measuring 1.55 square Kilometers. Privately owned by the Vlado Juresko family, the island is uninhabited. It’s located on the Pasman Channel (of the Adriatic sea) between Turanj town and Pasman islands on mainland Croatia. And with its striking perfect heart-shape, this island was first discovered on “Google Earth” on February 2009, thereby bringing it to worldwide attention. But before this, its unusual shape had first been recorded in the 19th century by Napoleon’s cartographer known as Charles-Francois B. B, hence proving its existence from ages past.

As a result of its unique heart-shape discovery in 2009, Galesnjak has since become a very popular tourist destination as well as a great attraction, as a perfect romantic place, for couples. In addition to its popular shape that appears as an ecstatic object of romance amidst a calm and serene waterway, the island has other unique features that make it attractive to tourists and which provide a conducive environment for a vacation of a lifetime! Some of these are highlighted below:

• The island has trees and wild plants (lush vegetation) on its rocky terrain that provide a wonderful environment for tourists.
• It has beautiful beaches of the surrounding Adriatic Sea that is azure-blue (or shades of emerald/deep blue) providing a great romantic spot for couples. Moreover, the surrounding waters also offer a wonderful atmosphere for travelers of all kinds especially when sailing on boats.
• It’s also characterized by two prominent peaks with the highest being about 36m above sea level. This is also another attraction in the island as the high peak provides a good site for overlooking the natural pebble beaches of the island as well as the romantic swimming spots.
• In the island are remains of some ancient building’s foundations and Illyrian burial mounds which can be another scenery for tourists.
• Being uninhabited, and mostly a desert island, it serves as a perfect private and quiet place for lovers wishing to spend their time alone as well as for picnics, camping, hikes, natural walks etc.

Although accommodation is not offered on Galesnjak itself, a number of affordable accommodation including hotels can be found in the nearest locations such as the Pasman island and the Zadar tourist hub which can be easily accessed by boat from a local charter. So if you wish to make a trip to this paradise of an island, simply seek prior permission and be assured to have an experience of a lifetime!