The Hipster Way Of Shopping

“Hipster” is the new term for the younger generation of plugged-in and technology savvy people. The hipster motto is that if it is mainstream, it is no longer cool. They are always on the search for new music, clothing styles, technology products, mobile applications, and any other trendy and new objects. Most hipsters have an uncanny ability to know everything about the latest technology trends and devices before most other people have even heard of them.

Following the trends of the hipster generation is one easy way to discover the up and coming trends and new ways of learning, entertaining, and even shopping. Hipsters seem to know all the best online shopping locations and the best ways to find deals and save money online.

Social buying is one new trendy online shopping method that the hipster generator has made popular. Social buying sites are all about group deals and supporting local businesses and smaller online businesses. The main theory behind social buying is that if a crowd of people commit to purchase an item, the price can be lower for the entire group because the company knows how many they will sell. Many social buying sites offer discounts of 50 percent or more off the retail value of products or services.

New social buying sites seem to pop up every day, but some of the trendiest and best social buying sites are:

Groupon is the original social buying site that started it all. This is also the largest social buying site online right now. Groupon offers local deals and online deals for customers. Since Groupon is so big, it is rare for a deal to fall through because of too few buyers. Groupon will offer at least one new local deal for every major city in the United States.

Living Social
Living Social is another big social sharing site that offers online and offline deals for cities across the world. Living Social also offers unique travel deals and huge discounts on travel packages throughout the world. Living Social also allows users to earn deals for free if they share the deals with others. If someone purchases the deal through a user’s referral, the user gets the deal for free, or earns points to use toward another deal.

Eversave is one of the best places to save big on online deals and products, especially magazines and other non-traditional retail products. Eversave is extremely popular in the online world, and many deals sell out before their time limit is up. Most deals are live for 24 hours and the discount codes can be redeemed for several weeks after the sale ends.

Social Buy
Social Buy is one of the most up-and-coming social buying sites online today. This social buying club is geared toward customers saving big on local hot spots, like clubs, restaurants, bars, and other hang outs. Users can also share the deals with friends and family to earn rewards money that they can use to save even more on purchases that they make through the Social Buy site.

Another way that hipsters save money online is through the use of discount coupon sites and promotional codes. These sites scour the Internet for the best deals on different products. Usually, the site focuses on a specific type of product, such as tech gear or clothing. Hipsters use these sites to save big on the latest technology products. Some of the best tech-related coupon sites include:

Woot is a site that offers several different deals per day, such as for t-shirts, wine, kid’s products, and technology deals. Woot offers a limited number of items with prices up to 80 percent off retail value.

Tech Bargains 
Tech Bargains is one of the best places to find drastic deals on technology-related products. Tech Bargains finds the best deals on phones, tech gadgets, tablet computers, and more. Most deals are between 40 and 60 percent off retail prices.

Logic Buy
Logic Buy is another fantastic resource for saving on techy or “hipster” products. You can find deals between 40 and 60 percent off tech-related gadgets like watches, computers, phones, and more.

Following the hipster’s lead is a great way to save money on the hottest new products and trends for every age group.

This is a guest post by Andras Deak, a part-time guest-blogger and a full-time communication consultant. He currently works for OzVoucherCodes, a great website focusing on social buying and online discount codes.