The History Of The Electronic Cigarette

Most people are unaware that the electronic cigarette has been around on our shelves since early 2006. It was first developed in Beijing, China by a guy called Hon Lik. Han Lik was a 52 year old inventor/smoker and pharmacist.
It was after Han Lik suffered from respiratory disease – also his own father was ill with lung cancer – that Han decided to invent an alternative to cigarettes and this is how the electronic cigarette was born.

Introduction to Europe was in early 2006, and then the electronic cigarette was introduced to the United States. Yet in late 2008 the World Health Organization made sure that marketers immediately removed from any materials any reference saying that the World Health Organization considers the electronic cigarettes to be safe or effective.
Ash, carbon monoxide and tar are just a few of a thousand chemicals which are released in tobacco smoke. With electronic cigarettes, harmless vapour is inhaled into the lungs and it is water vapour that is released when exhaling. Smoking electronic cigarettes also takes away the risk of causing health issues to non-smokers by passive smoking.

Electronic cigarette sales increased through internet marketing and large amounts of publicity. Many companies took this idea and began to make their own brands of electronic cigarettes. However, it was only when a businessman from the United Kingdom decided to bring the idea of these electronic cigarettes here that they became so popular. Because they became so popular in the UK the government made electronic cigarettes legal to smoke in areas where smoking regular cigarettes is banned.

Many people across the world are using these electronic cigarettes to try and quit smoking altogether, while some just use the electronic cigarettes to cut down on regular tobacco cigarettes.

Switching to electronic cigarettes is likely to result in much lower risk of disease and health problems, which is why switching from tobacco smoking significantly cuts the risk of premature death.

All in all electronic cigarettes are such a great alternative for the traditional smoker, they do not give off smoke which causes harm to the environment or to those around you unlike the traditional tobacco cigarette. What is also very appealing to people is that to smoke these e-cigs actually works out significantly cheaper. What is perhaps even more appealing is that now so many laws are being placed to stop smoking in public places, many smokers will be looking for an alternative where they can smoke wherever they please.


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