The Hitchhikers Guide To A 21st Birthday Party

Throughout our life time, we each experience only a handful of those truly memorable moments, such as having our first kiss, the day we pass our driving test, our first day at work, or getting married and then having children.

Somewhere in the middle of all of those is our 21st birthday, which is a memorable occasion all on its own. Being 21 is a confirmation that we are no longer classed as children or youngsters; we are now fully fledged adults who are able to do anything we choose through law.

This means that the 21st birthday party needs to be an occasion that befits that memory; something big and something unique. This party is not just about the 21st birthday gifts or even about the freedom you have now earned, it is about creating an occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life.

This is where some good party games can come in handy with regards to keeping everything interesting and memorable. Of course there will be drinking involved at a party of this nature, yet try to limit it as much as possible or you may end up having no memories of the night at all.

Break the Ice
The 21st birthday party is more than likely going to be a big affair with many of your friends not knowing each other; this is why it is always a good idea to break the ice. You could let them learn more about each other with a game called ‘I once…” where one by one each guest has to state something outrageous that they done after introducing themselves. They could say something along the lines of “Hi, my name is John and I once streaked naked through my college”

The Big Reveal
After the drinks have been flowing a little bit you can then make the games a little bit more daring, such as the game called “Clothesline”. The party is broken up into teams which are each supplied with clothes pins and one section of a clothesline, the length of the line is up to you but it must be marked every six inches by some black tape.

The goal of the game is for each team to take off an article of clothing and pin it to the line, the winning team will be the one with the greatest amount of clothes pinned to their line. Award a prize to the winning team to allow for more competitive action; the most daring team will win.

Drinking Games
Drinking games always spice up any party, although it can be difficult to find one that allows for so many guests to partake in. The one I suggest is a game called “Whenever…” as it allows as many players as possible.

The rules are fairly straightforward, as it centre’s around everybody at the party taking a drink or a shot whenever a certain action or phrase is heard. So you could have it that whenever the word “love” is heard in a song on your stereo everyone has to take a drink. It could be anything you like and could even be related to a television program or movie.

Door Prizes
Why not offer your guests the chance to win a goody bag to bring home at the end of the night? You could do this by simply setting up a blackjack table and allowing them the chance to hit a 21, whichever guests are lucky enough will win a prize.

You could simply rotate the dealer as the night wears on so that everyone can have a go, pay-out anyone that wins with a token for which they can exchange for a gift right before they leave to go home.

A 21st birthday is something special, so the effort is worth it with regards to the party. If you know someone who is about to turn 21, just don’t forget to buy them some 21st birthday gifts.