The Hottest Movies With Themed Items On Etsy

Etsy is quickly becoming the go-to venue for finding the best and most unique gifts tailored specifically to the quirky likes of your loved ones. The marketplace offers “handmade” goods in a variety of “stores” from many different vendors. There are literally thousands of places to shop in this global marketplace. You can enter a search for keywords or items that are extremely specific and more than likely you will find option after option to choose from. It is constantly amazing how different and vast the content that is available is. There is something for everyone.

So what if you are a movie lover? One who loves all movies, but has a favorite. One film that touched your soul in a way that you cherish anything that bears a connection to it. You have a collection of memorabilia and kitschy knickknacks bearing the likeness of your favorite characters and pieces of their world. Think you have it all? You couldn’t possibly, not with Etsy as a shopping option. I believe that when you take a few minutes and search for items themed after you favorite cinematic treasure you can find anything, and I do mean anything.

Star Wars

Being one of the largest film franchises in history, it is no surprise that Star Wars is hugely popular in the handmade marketplace as well. Not only does Star Wars have an astronomically large fan base who is always looking to purchase their next item, because Etsy is “individual” shops, those fans are the one’s creating all the amazing products that there are out there to chose from, and there is SO much to chose from. If you conduct a search on Etsy for Star Wars related items, you will find at the top of your results, a toilet seat, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is everything available, from aprons and jewelry, tea pots and t shirts, to baby Yoda hats and light saber cake cutting sets, (for those Jedi romantics.)


Jaws is a film classic, with its unshakeable theme music also has a very devoted following and fan base. There are many reasons to love this film and what it did for the movie industry, and with so many reasons to love it, there are many people that do, and are willing to spend any amount on anything to add to their collections. Etsy offers up a perfect forum for those looking for a little something sharky. A quick search reveals limitless choices such as posters and necklaces, pens and buttons, and stencils and greeting cards.


Spiderman gained popularity as a comic book, but the movies have reached global records when it comes to box office record breaking weekends and anticipation for the next installment to the series. There are insane amounts of Spiderman fans, and the movie’s cool comic book history only widens the spectrum for interesting and unique possibilities when it comes to Spiderman related merchandise. My personal favorite Spiderman item is a cool vintage inspired Spiderman comic book wedges, I am not even a huge fan of the film and I want them. Also available to you are things like tutus and guitar bodies, quilts and wall art, and absolutely anything for your Spiderman themed party.

The Nightmare before Christmas

The Nightmare before Christmas is one of Tim Burton’s best and most creative endeavors, add in the fact that it is animated and you have the perfect recipe for a cult classic. That is exactly what you get with this film, a cult following. This film has fans that are nothing short of obsessed and therefore, there is a huge market out there, worldwide, for anything Nightmare-ish. With just a few clicks you could be the proud new owner of a Nightmare before Christmas custom pacifier, or wedding set, cufflinks, corset, flask or rubber ducky. This is barely the beginning; there is so much you never would even think existed, available to you, and all thanks to Etsy.

Alice and Wonderland

Alice and Wonderland is a classic that has captured the hearts of the young and not so young for ages. With its fantastic world and quirky cast of characters, the adventure of this little girl, is a story that can captivate any audience, and no matter who you are, you can find some element of this movie to fall in love with. Etsy vendors everywhere are capitalizing on this fact, and the search for Alice and Wonderland themed items yields plentiful results. There is artwork and jewelry a plenty, cookies that say “eat me,” aprons and shirts, clocks and pillows and tea sets, and more than you could ever imagine to create your own wonderland themed party. Whatever it is you are looking for, and whatever movie has captured your heart, Etsy really is a magical place that can make all your dreams come true.

Craig Roberts is a film buff and amateur blogger. When not writing about the latest entertainment news or film technologies he likes to catch a good flick or read a book.