The Importance of Having a Well Versed Guru like Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji

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When people are troubled with problems in life that could be physical or mental, then people might take one of the two options out. One could be the bad way and the other could be the good way. The bad way could offer temporary relief and hence, not of any use. But the second way, the good way is the way of the Guru.

Who is a Guru? A guru is a teacher, the one who chooses you, and teaches you the right path of life. He is someone who has thorough and in-depth knowledge of life and has successfully come out of the trivialities of life. Such a guru is what even the Vedas talk about and yet, finding such a guru is indeed difficult. So,one has to take care in going to the right person who can really help you. A Guru like Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji is someone you could trust and learn a lot with every visit.

Why a Guru can only help you?

Many people ask if Guru can remove problems or stop problems from coming to you. It cannot be done by anyone. When you are born in this world, you are already blessed with your past merits that you are carrying to this life. This said, you also would be carrying forward your punishments from your past births. The sins that you are coming with have to be dealt by you only. But a Guru like Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji would help you in giving you Updesh and even in chanting Beej mantra into your ears. Chanting these at all times would reduce the sufferings by a great deal.

Chanting God’s names in times of troubles or at all normal times is a very good practice and one has to follow this as a habit. This chanting of the mantra should be done at all times of the day so that you get connected with the cosmic consciousness, and bring in cheer and bliss from the consciousness to your life.

Meditation and other ways:

Apart from chanting, meditation and Pranayam or deep breathing also shall be helpful in bringing in a steady mind. To ensure that your restless mind gets a little bit of support and strength, it is advised that you go for a session from Gurus like Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji and get the necessary ideas on how to settle your mind to a calm state. Easier said than done, you might feel. Controlling your mind from wandering off to random thoughts would be very difficult to do and yet, unless a mind is settling down, it cannot go for chanting the Beej Mantra or get relief.

Disciples from across the world of the Guru have claimed that their mind is indeed a lot calmer now than it was before and therefore, has been able to give in a lot of comfort. If this is one of the positive ways to usher life, then what harm is there in following the words of Guru?