The Importance Of Regular Eye Tests

Of the five senses, eyesight is one that many people take for granted. Subtle changes often creep up on unsuspecting victims, and all too commonly they fail to take proactive, preventative measures to correct potential problems. Rather, they wait until irreversible damage is done.

Those who are experiencing blurred vision with objects that are either close up or far away may be showing early signs of hyperopia or myopia. More commonly known as farsighted and nearsighted, neither is a disorder that one wishes to develop. It is important to test regularly to ensure proper eyewear is updated as a matter of usual practice.

An astigmatism is a common problem in which the cornea is abnormally curved putting both eyes out of focus. Normally present at birth, an eye test can diagnose this disorder as well as determine the right glasses necessary to correct vision.

Thousands of people around the world suffer from night blindness, also known as impaired dark adaptation. The problem often becomes apparent during night driving. The sufferer normally experiences normal vision in the light. As a result, this is an often overlooked problem that can become a hazard to the sufferer as well as those around them.

In today’s world, a growing number of employees are required to spend long hours at a computer; however, many find it difficult as their eyes become progressively blurred as the day goes by. While they may dismiss this symptom as a result of fatigue, the culprit is often Computer Vision Syndrome. Sufferers may also experience headaches, double or blurred vision, light sensitivity and neck pain. Excessive exposure to the thousands of tiny pixels displayed on the computer screen are to blame.

Everyday use of the eyes in itself is the cause for one of the most common eye disorders: eye strain. Millions of people live with eye strain not realizing that getting their eyes tested is the answer. Whether driving, reading or working on a computer the disorder can be triggered, which causes the sufferer to experience pain when trying to view the object of their attention.

Double vision is more common than may be expected. When the eyes are misaligned, they aim at different targets. As a result, the brain processes both images simultaneously and double vision occurs. Special glasses and contacts are available to correct the issue.

Those who see halos surrounding bright objects should not dismiss the symptom as it is often indicative of a more serious problem such as glaucoma or diabetes. While it is true that the problem could simply be associated with aging, only an eye test performed by a doctor can determine the severity of the issue.

Chronic headaches can be debilitating. Those occurring at the front of the head above the nose and around the eyes are often visual headaches. Normally occurring at the end of the day or following an intricate task, visual headaches debilitate sufferers in a way that prevents them from putting forth maximum effort and living life to its fullest. The efficiency that can be gained following an eye exam can easily prove worth the visit.

There are a plethora of eye diseases, and it is never too soon for a person to find out if they are a victim. During a regular eye visit, most doctors check for refractive error, amblyopia, strabismus, eye teaming and focusing problems and other diseases. A simple vision screening such as the one performed when obtaining a driver’s license is often passively substituted; however, only a complete eye exam can determine latent problems waiting to manifest.

Joe Jones writes on behalf of a number of companies including C.R. Williams opticians in Coventry as well as maintaining a number of personal blogs on a variety of subjects.

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  1. By getting your routine eye exam, your vision will be assessed and recommendations can be made to enhance your eyesight. So you don’t need to wait for a serious eye trouble to hit you before you can visit your ophthalmologist.
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