The Increasing Popularity Of Cosmetic Surgery

It is extremely rare to find someone who completely likes his or her body – generally people always find something to complain about in their body. For the most part, we all have at least one thing that we’ll love to to change.This explains why the cosmetic surgery and other treatment designed to improve the body have become so popular in the last decade. In fact, people tend to focus in what they don’t like about their body instead of focusing in the parts of their body they like. The body parts that are the most changed are: breasts, skin, love handles and the lips. We are going to see why those most people prefer to resort to cosmetic surgery to correct those body parts.


Most women complain about the size of their breasts, that they are either too small or too big. It’s really rare to find a woman who likes the size of her breasts. If you’re not satisfied about the size of your breasts you’re free to change them but make sure you choose the right clinic. For example,there has been a lot of controversy around breast changing following the death of some women in France caused by their breast implants. In addition, men are also attracted by breast surgery, as they want to make their breasts more appealing. Last year breasts change was the most popular surgery in the UK with almost 10,000 enhancement performed.

Anti Ageing

There was a time when anti ageing surgery was only performed on superstars, but now everybody can afford it. Therefore more and more women and men decide to try that fountain of youth, but the problem with those types of treatment is that once you start it will be very difficult for you to stop.


Generally those who perform this type of surgery are people with some skin troubles such as acne, skin cancer and so on.

Love Handles

People also have recourse to cosmetic surgery to get rid of love handles, as they are among the hardest bits of fat to lose. Some people can lose weight without losing the love handles so they prefer to prefer to get rid of these saddlebags by doing a cosmetic surgery and get a nice slender figure.


Lip surgery is also extremely popular especially for Hollywood celebrities such as Meg Ryan. But this particular surgery is highly criticised because of the rumours of some stars having the fat from their bottom injected into their lips. Generally, people view this surgery as being silly or unnecessary. In addition, it is often hit or miss with this particular surgery.


More and people want to get pearly white grins just like Hollywood stars and this pushes them to do a smile makeover to improve their smile. On the other hand people with crooked who don’t feel like wearing braces for adults prefer to do a surgery to get rid of their dental imperfections.

If you feel that you need to change a part of your body in order to feel good in your skin, make sure you you do some searches to know the possible side effects of the surgery you want to get before making your final decision.

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Sophie is a healthcare advisor for a local hospital in the South East, and has encountered many patients who have had difficulties with surgery.