The Ins and Outs Of Family Law

The Ins and Outs Of Family Law

There are many branches of law, whether it be criminal, corporate, or civil, and family law covers a wide range of situations that might arise due to family issues. Family disputes can be very stressful for all concerned, and a family law solicitor would be highly diplomatic and sensitive to family issues that might be present. For those who would like to know more about this field of law, here is an outline of some of the situations when family law is involved.


This is the major skill a family lawyer would possess, as mediating with such issues as property ownership or delicate matters involving child custody are often the best way to resolve the issue. If all parties, along with their legal counsel, get together and discuss the options, it is much better than thrashing it out in a courtroom, which can be a very expensive way of trying to achieve your goals. If, for example, you were looking for family lawyers in Adelaide, an online search would reveal the whereabouts of an established practice, and after some discussion, they would be able to explain your options.

Financial Agreements

Often, in the case of a new relationship, there are certain financial agreements that need to be decided upon, such as each party’s assets, and whether they are to be excluded from the marital assets. This is often called a “prenup” (prenuptial agreement) and it is quite common for both parties to come to an agreement about assets and finances prior to marriage. You would work with your lawyer to ascertain your requirements, as would your new partner, and then together, hopefully an agreement would be reached and the document would be drawn up.

Property Issues

Very often, when a couple decides to end their marriage, there is a basic disagreement about property sharing, and if a compromise isn’t reached, this might end up in a court of law. A family lawyer would try to mediate a mutually beneficial settlement out of court, which would avoid the necessity to bother the busy courts and judges. If you are at a stalemate with your ex-partner about the house, there are affordable family lawyers in Adelaide who can help resolve the situation.

Child Custody

Unfortunately, there are times when one partner is unhappy about the child custody arrangements, with perhaps one parent refusing the other visitation rights, and with emotion often playing a part, this can sometimes become quite an issue, and in that case, it is wise to consult with a family lawyer, who can quickly establish your rights and take the necessary legal action to protect your child custody rights. Of course, the welfare of the children must be paramount, but there are times when a parent’s feelings towards their partner influences the child custody issue and this is when problems occur.

Family law is a veryspecialised area, as there is often emotion involved, which requires a special degree of diplomacy, something a family lawyer would have in abundance.