The Interesting Facts About Comptia A Certification Training

The Interesting Facts About Comptia A Certification Training

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) was formed in 1982 to provide professional certifications to the people working in the Information Technology (IT) industry. It is headquartered at Downers Grove, Illinois in the USA and has a philanthropic division called the ‘Creating IT Futures Foundation’ that provides IT training and certification to low income students and adults. The Comptia A Certification Training provides various certifications like A+, N+ and Security + which are valid for 3 years and must be renewed via continuing education.

Essence of the Certification

The CompTIA A+ certification provides validity for expertise in installation of hardware and software from various manufacturers. They are able to work on various technologies and platforms that range from mobile devices to more traditional desktop and laptops. The training that is required for the certification enables to efficiently and confidently handle a technology that comes their way. The various vendors whose products can be expertly handled by the holders of the CompTIA A+ certificate are Microsoft, Novell, Apple Inc., iOS and more.

Span and Quality of the Curriculum

With the booming IT industry, there are more jobs in the sector every day. The curriculum is not based on a single manufacturer’s product, but span and the length and breadth of the manufacturers all over the world. Thus the certification validates your skills to work on any technical aspect of the equipment. Plus the recruiters look for people who have certificates. Certificates add the element of validity and authority to the skill set one possesses and thus they appeal to organizations who wish to take on competent and authorized staff for their operations. Additionally, one gets better salary upon completion of the course than technicians who have not completed the course.

Competence of the Candidates

Many companies require CompTIA A+ certifications for their candidates to appear in the corporate and vendor-specific training programs. Schools, colleges and universities provide additional credits or their students who have achieved the A+ certification from CompTIA. Thus the A+ certification is a great bonus for anyone wishing to make a career in the IT industry. It is considered the basic requirement for launching a career related to the field of IT. And with an internationally recognized and respected certificate, like the CompTIA A+, it becomes much easier for professionals than those who do not have such a certificate.

Experience with the CompTIA Conecpt

CompTIA A+ certificates provide validity to the knowledge of technicians with almost 500 hours of hands-on experience in building, configuring, repairing and maintaining computers and/or computer networks. The A+ certificate declares that a professional has in-depth and hands-on, first rate knowledge in the field of hardware and software that includes the installation, configuration, preventive maintenance, diagnosis and basic networking.

Importance of the Certification

Comptia A Certification Course Perth is the prerequisite for the entry-level computer repair and maintenance technician in any organization. One can further their knowledge base and increase their worth by continuing to acquire more certifications like the N+ and Security+. The A+ certification includes the tools and techniques that have been developed by experienced IT experts from all corners of the globe. The content has been developed by the industry-specific feedback that has been collected from all over the world and has been enhanced by contributions by subject matter experts. This is a great certificate to advance the knowledge base and career prospects for anyone.