The iPad Mini, Blazing A Trail In Technology

It’s not enough that the new iPad just came out 6 months ago, now Apple has decided to throw the iPad mini into the picture. Unfortunately with the launch of this new iPad, there isn’t much room for the old iPad. Everything about the old iPad falls short when it comes to being compatible to any iPad accessories.

Even though there is huge disappointment due to the close launching of the iPad mini, consumers are still beginning to hop on board with the idea of switching out their current iPad with the new iPad mini. The question is, why?

The idea behind the iPad mini is that it’s much lighter and much faster than the latest iPad.Consumers have always had a knack for light electronics and the iPad mini has mastered that concept. The 7.9 inch screen is surrounded by airy material that makes it just as light as the iPhone 5. For consumers who use their iPad for reading, the iPad mini is perfect for this use. It’s as light as a regular book and it’s extremely easy to handle with one hand. Unfortunately potential buyers are expected to pay around $350, which is relatively expensive for a standard iPad.

For a few extra bucks, iPad lovers will be able to enjoy the pairing of Wi-Fi and 4G on November 16th, 2012.

Starting November 2nd, buyers can purchase their iPad mini based on three different memory configurations. 16GB will get buyers a price tag of $329, while 32 GB and 64GB will get consumers a price tag between $400 and $600.

What’s the Big Deal About The iPad Mini?

We all know that buyers raved over the Retina The iPad 2 offered. The high resolution delivered high impact color and no visibility of pixels. This isn’t the case when it comes to the iPad mini. The screen is 1,024×768-pixel resolution, which is paired with a 7.9 inch screen. The screen doesn’t display retina but it is said to be even better than the iPad 2. The IPS screen comes with a wider viewing angle, and watching videos offers an excellent experience.

The iPad mini can be compared in weight to the Kindle. Even though it’s not as thin and not as short in length, there is no denying that the iPad is relatively easier to carry.

If there was ever a need for one thumb operation, consumers now have that with the iPad mini. The side panel offers a thumb scrolling option that allows users to easily scroll through pages effortlessly.

So what about the camera? When it came to the iPad 2, there was no complaint about the camera, so it’s expected that the IPad minis’ 720p front face camera is just as functional. The back camera offers much of the same features as the iPad 2’s camera, leaving consumers with something to smile about.

When it comes to the iPad mini, the objective behind this newly developed piece of technology is “lightening.” Consumers want fast and Apple is aiming to deliver this through the iPad mini.

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