The Jacket Maketh The Man

People can tell a lot about a man by the jacket or coat he wears.   There are loads of jackets for men for sale in the warmer summer months, but when the cold weather starts creeping in it’s nice to have a longer, thicker coat ready to wear.  Then, men have to find suitable winter coats to wear over their suit jackets that will keep them warm without making them look bulky or feel uncomfortable.

There are a number of different styles of men’s winter coats on the market, and they fall into four broad categories.

For younger men, the duffel coat looks great.  In dark navy or black with traditional toggles and hood, it not only looks stylish but its high wool content will keep you warm on those commutes or trips out and about.  They look best when the hem falls at the top of the thighs; any longer and the duffle coat can make you look unkempt or down-at-heel.

For most professional men, the single-breasted traditional coat with a V-neck is a really good purchase.  These men’s winter coats will fit effortlessly over a suit jacket and allow you to comfortably wear a scarf, which will look stylish tucked into the top of your coat.

Others may prefer the traditional mac: typically macs are double-breasted and have a belt but no hood.  They may be made from a wool blend or cotton, and look best when they reach mid-thigh length.

Finally, the reefer coat is double-breasted and has a collar similar to a shirt collar in style; it also has buckles on the cuffs.  These coats are not meant to be worn as formal work coats and are more suited to those wanting to look smart but casual when out or as informal day coats.

Whatever style you opt for, make sure that your coat fits properly across the back, at the cuffs and around the neck, and if you intend to wear it over a suit jacket then make sure you take that into account when choosing your size.  If you spend a little more on a designer jacket you will be rewarded with a coat that will last longer and look great.  Choose a neutral or dark colour so that your coat does not clash with your trousers or look out of date later on.  If you find dark, neutral colours just a bit depressing in the darker months you can always add a touch of colour by accessorising with a suitable winter scarf.

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